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Redesign/ Custom website Design

Get your website/blog/ecommerce store redesigned with a completely new and modified appearance with our custom website redesign service. Get a fully modern and conversion optimized website design with our creative designers now.

Re-design/Custom Web Design

Designing plays a vital role to provide successful web presence to any website. As the time is changing the way of looking at websites and using those has also been changed and sites designed according to the latest trends are liked the most as well. Website redesigning is needed very often because of many reasons and these reasons may include unsatisfactory functionality, not looking good as compared to competitors, less ROI, reduced search rankings, reduced focus, incapable fulfilling objectives, and many more. Website redesigning comes with solution to all these problems and D Amies provides the best redesigned website to you going with your specifications and according to your business needs driving great profit to you.

Consider redesigning your website from D-Amies to lead the web world as we analyze your website thoroughly and redesign it in a way to turn your visitors into customers. Your website represents your business and profit depends completely on it. Our team understands this concept clearly and our approach is to deliver a web solution with fast download speed, complete professionalism, higher conversion, visual elegancy, user friendly, eye catching, and market winning features.

Our specialties

  • Use of high quality and professional theme for your website
  • Customizing any type of design according to your requirements
  • Providing you with a search engine friendly web solution
  • Very fast downloadable web solution
  • Use of latest web practices
  • Increased ROI
  • Compelling content causing visitors to be engaged

With these all features D Amies allows you getting your website redesigned with perfection in all the desired aspects. Contact us now to get a quote.

Our Procedure

We follow a step by step approach and focus on every aspect of website development as we aimed to serve the best value for your money.


Agile Software Development Process

Delivering a complete, clean and perfect project according to your dreams is what we promise. We are following agile software development methodology to achieve pragmatism into the final deliverable project. Our website development service strictly follows agile to achieve the best result in fastest possible time-frame.

What is Agile ?

Agile development method is all about a approach which is based on iterative development. The software development process where different cross-functional teams collaborate to evolve requirement and solutions is known as Agile Software Development. It offers fully featured user focused development with fast delivery of project. Different decisions and changes can also be made at any time of development process using agile development procedure.

Certified Scrum Master

There are several frameworks for agile development, and scrum is a light weight process frame and the most popular one among. Scrum is a part of Agile development and we are Certified Scrum Master. Scrum follows iterative and incremental process and is highly used to deal with development of complex projects. Our knowledge of scrum add icing on the cake for your resultant project.

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