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PHP Training

Gain vast and deep understanding different PHP based platforms and learn PHP in a greatly improved learning environment with real projects practice opportunity.

PHP Training in Jaipur

Web development is a very vast industry, offering a very high number of students to make their career in. There are several ways and mediums of web development, offering lots of gates to spark the career for unlimited number of jobless people. PHP is one of the most popular and most used scripting language used for web development and we offer the best and job oriented PHP training in Jaipur. D Amies, being one of the prominent web development company, offering high quality services throughout the world for more than 3 years, allows students to join the organization to let them bring the spark to their career.

PHP Course in Jaipur

At D Amies, trainees are offered to work with professionals, having years of working experience on live projects by clients. They are offered with a very healthy and fully office working environment, while allowing them to learn the basics of the PHP language at the same time. Students can not only learn and practice during this time, but they can get expert solutions from the professionals as well. People looking to join PHP training in Jaipur can get a chance to work with the organization in the upcoming future as well, if they perform extremely well during the training session. Trainees are allowed to join PHP training in Jaipur with live project at D Amies and offered to make career as well. We will offer a professional training certificate, which can help you get job placement anywhere easily. You can become a prominent web developer by joining our PHP course in Jaipur

So come, join the organization and explore the ways to shine your career.

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Our course covers following points:

  • HTML & PHP Basics
  • CSS
  • PHP Editor Dreamweaver
  • PHP language building blocks
  • Writing PHP scripts
  • Data Transfer B/W Pages
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping
  • Tricky Method to Post data
  • Login Screen Concepts
  • Embed PHP scripts in HTML pages to create dynamic Web pages
  • Handling Arrays
  • PHP Flexibility in Arrays
  • Sending Array through Form
  • Traversing through Collection
  • Maths Function
  • String Handling
  • Functions
  • Session Handling
  • Auto Redirection
  • State Management of Array using Session
  • Calling Dynamic page through Include
  • Shopping Cart Demo
  • File Handling
  • Preserve Data in Input Tags
  • Classes & Objects
  • Inheritance,Polymorphism,Aggregation
  • Upload file to PHP Web Server
  • File Downloading
  • Include Dynamic files and Classes
  • Network Programming using PHP
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Sending Email
  • XML
  • Handling Images in Binary Format
  •  MYSQL
  • Insertion, Updation and Deletion through Form
  • Getting Data in Tabular Format
  • Managing Select tag state on Refresh
  • Getting Dynamic results on Event
  • Java Script
  • DHTML Menu
  • Validating Forms through Java Script
  • Controling CSS through JavaScript at run time
  • Check ID Availability using AJAX
  • AJAX handling HttpRequest and Response
  • Database Interaction using AJAX
  • Paging through Database
  • Handling Stored Procedures
  • SQL Injection
  • Play Video files
  • Play MP3 files
  • Connectivty with Microsoft Excel
  • Silver Light
  • Web Services