Your car trailer maintenance checklist for this summer

Your car trailer maintenance checklist for this summer

If you intend on investing in heavy duty car trailers or already have one of your own, it’s important you understand what it takes to maintain one. The maintenance of used enclosed car trailers can greatly vary, due to the present season or its current condition. So, if you’re unfamiliar with what it takes to take care of commercial car trailers, the following breaks down each section you need to carry out checks for to prepare for this summer.

Wheels and Tyres

During winter there is always a high chance heavy duty car trailers can have some type of damage. This is because of the bad weather conditions that generally occur during the season, and this especially applies if your car trailer is sat outside without protection. Due to the frost and chance of moss, mould and mildew building up, it’s important to check your trailer’s tyres. Look out for any cracks and signs of wear and tear, as well as check the tread size as this indicates if your tyres need replacing. Additionally, when looking at the wheels and wheel bearings themselves, inspect for any rust build ups as this will need tending to before it becomes a worse problem.

Suspension and chassis

When looking at any new investment of used enclosed car trailers, you should always inspect the chassis and suspension area as the possibility of rust can be high. And this can be especially counterproductive when it comes to lots of travelling during the summer months. If you don’t tend to any rust, corrosion or damage this can make any areas of commercial car trailers more damaged, and this isn’t good news when it comes to the main components of heavy duty car trailers.

The electrics

Like with any vehicle or car trailer, it’s important to regularly check the electrics are in working order not just when it comes to summer maintenance. However, if you’re new to habitually checking your electrics, that is the light signals, then it’s better to start now than never. When it comes to used enclosed car trailers, test the lights are working. To do this, you’ll need to use the blinker lights in stationary mode, as well as the hazards. Make sure to get out of your vehicle to check these are properly connected with commercial car trailers, in any instance. This way you can see if there’s any electrical faults from the car to the rear of the trailer.

The exterior

One of the most obvious things to check for your summer maintenance of your trailer is observing the exterior. Look out for any scratches or dents in the paintwork, as it’s important to address this so no rust can take hold inside. It’s most likely you’ll only need to clean your trailer, as it’s more than likely the winter months made it dirty. If this is the case, ensure you check the paintwork once it’s properly visible. Generally if you store your trailer indoors, you needn’t worry about damage as it’s unlikely to happen indoors.

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