Why You Should Choose Handmade Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Why You Should Choose Handmade Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Marriage is a tradition as old as written history. Lovers promising one another fidelity and care, signified by the exchange of precious jewelry as a representation of the sacred bonds of love, runs deep as a symbol in our culture. In an act so deeply entrenched in tradition, it can be hard to know exactly when to break away from the traditional aspects in the name of creating a unique wedding for you and your love, and when to stick to the basics in the name of maintaining meaningful symbolism. One of the best ways you can make the symbolism of your marriage unique is to choose a fitting engagement ring that characterizes you and your spouse in a way totally personal to your relationship. The market for engagement rings has exploded in recent years, and one of the best options that has arisen is the ability to work with skilled artisans to craft Handmade Rose Gold Engagement Rings.

What Makes Handmade Rings Stand Out?
Handmade rose gold engagement rings are customizable, independently made, and unique. Every ring is one of a kind, crafted by the hands of the artist you are buying from. The rings you and your spouse will wear will be made with you and your relationship in mind, not mass produced in a factory somewhere.

Handmade rings are striking visually in a way that suits you. Because you get much more control over the design, you and your spouse will wear something that fits into your own personal style, while other rings might be out of place or force you to work around the ring itself.

Perhaps the fact that makes handmade rings stand out the most, however, is the fact that you know who made your ring, and will be supporting that artist directly. You can reach out to your jeweler directly when purchasing a handmade ring, and you can ask questions and get answers that large-company jewelers could not or would not answer.

Why Rose Gold?
Rose gold is a beautiful coloration of gold that has swung into popularity in recent years due to the emotions it inspires. Rose gold is hopeful, warm, and almost seems to imply through its visuals alone the comfort that love brings to our hearts. Additionally, rose gold is, despite rising in popularity, still quite rare to see in rings. So many people still stick to the traditional yellow gold for most types of jewelry, especially engagement rings. Because of this fact, having handmade rose gold engagement rings will immediately set you apart as a couple from coloration alone!

Rose gold carries all of the traditional symbolism of yellow gold; it is a precious metal, valued by nearly every culture on Earth, throughout all of history. In addition to the symbolism of yellow gold, however, rose gold portrays your relationship’s unique passion, love, and willingness to be different. Marriage is all about meaningful symbols, which makes rose gold a perfect choice for a set of engagement rings.

As for why you might wish to choose rose gold over other metal types, there are a number of reasons to choose gold. Gold is remarkably malleable, meaning repairs and adjustments over the years will be comparatively cheap and quick. Gold is hypoallergenic; it won’t cause irritation or swelling of the skin, even in people with particularly sensitive skin. Finally, gold keeps its luster incredibly well. Even after years of daily wear, gold rings still shine clean and bright for all to see.

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