Why Would I Need a Commercial Drain Snake?

Why Would I Need a Commercial Drain Snake?

Tough clogs and backed up drains are an everyday hurdle for most plumbers. Toilet drains, kitchen sinks, and even storm drains are vulnerable to all sorts of clogs from a variety of sources. An ordinary home clog can probably be taken care of by a drain snake that you can find at any department store. Often, they come with some sort of plumbing liquid as well. In the world of industrial plumbing, there will often be clogs that are either out of reach or too stubborn for a simple drain snake to handle. That is when a Commercial Drain Snake is required. These industrial-level drain wires are built to be more flexible and sturdy than everyday drain snakes, and some even have a sturdy core that lets them push through serious clogs.

For example, the CH75-150 hollow core drain cable is currently the best commercial drain snake on the market. This drain cable is ¾ of an inch thick and 150 feet long. It is specifically designed for clearing tough clogs in sewer lines such as tree roots that have disrupted the flow of a line. Perhaps a storm has flushed plastic bags and other litter into a storm drain, and water has backed up into the street; the CH75-150 commercial drain snake is tough enough to punch through that drain clog. In tandem with one of Duracable’s incredibly tough drain blades, tree roots and litter can be cleared away in no time. With the length of the CH75-150, a technician can safely clear the drain with little effort.

The major difference between a home and commercial drain snake is the amount of power that becomes available to you. With a snake like the CH75-150, you generally need to hook the cable up to some sort of sewer cleaning machine. These generally are powered by a powerful electric motor. So, unlike a home drain snake that you operate by hand, a commercial drain snake allows the user to exert a great amount of force and torque. This allows the technician to deal with tough clogs very easily. This makes a drain snake an incredibly powerful tool for clearing any clog and, with the length of our example, it is easy to see how a plumber can get a handle on many different situations where a home drain snake just wouldn’t work.

Another good example of how commercial drain snakes come in handy is when you are clearing out the line between a residence and septic tank. These lines can vary dramatically in size and shape. It isn’t uncommon for a line between a house and septic tank to be between ten and twenty feet. A drain snake like the CH75-150 might be a little overkill for this situation, but something like the CH75-050 would work perfectly. This drain snake is 50 feet long and sports a hollow core cable but works perfectly for clogs such as those you might encounter in a septic line. There are a ton of options for drain snakes, and Duracable carries a huge amount for you to choose from.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact Duracable by phone at (515-518-6151). Duracable has been in the industry since the eighties and is devoted to providing unparalleled customer service. They pride themselves on professionalism and applied product knowledge. You can also contact them through their easy-to-use messaging system on their website. Working in industrial plumbing is tough business, but ordering supplies and tools shouldn’t be. Work with Duracable and know that you are getting customer service that is backed up by a history of reliable service!

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