Why The Peugeot Boxer Is The Best Choice for Businesses

Why The Peugeot Boxer Is The Best Choice for Businesses

Although the Peugeot Boxer has been around for a long while, receiving a renewal in 2014 and being showcased at the Dubai International Motor Show (2015), it still remains a big contender across the commercial vehicle market in the large panel van sector.

Not only has it been tested over two million miles and has a low running cost, but it also comes with a modern and robust style. Plus, it has a wide range of load capacities and modern equipment designed specifically to meet business-needs.

Below are some reasons why this Peugeot manufactured van still remains the best choice for businesses:

1: Load Space Practicality:

The van has one of the largest top load capacities available in its category, coming in with an extensive range of four body lengths and three different roof heights. It also offers one of the widest load spaces, at 1,870mm and the tallest interior height at 2,172mm. Plus, it has a really wide space between its wheel arches, coming in at 1,422mm.

2: Reliability:

There have been no major faults reported so the vehicle is widely considered to be almost reliable. With the most recent revamp, several features have been redesigned, including the strength of the structure and the loading bay mechanisms. These re-designs have steadily increased and improved the durability of the van.

The boxer also comes with an electronic stability control, Hill Start Assist, and an ABS braking system coupled with an Emergency Brake Assist function.

The bigger four-tonne Boxers come with land departure warning systems and all the versions come with one standard driver airbag.

3: Interior Cab:

The van comes with two large glove boxes, one centered on the dashboard while the other in front of the passenger seat. There is a ton of space underneath the seats and the doors even have large bin-like spaces in them.

The standard dual cab passenger seat comes with a pull-down table, perfect for paperwork, USB inputs, heated door mirrors, and Bluetooth enabled radio. Plus, the steering wheel has been redesigned to accommodate larger buttons and a durable touchscreen system.

4: Performance:

The Boxer comes with high beam lights so it drives well at night. The van also comes with well-positioned controls and there is plenty of visibility through the front. The steering wheel can be adjusted for height and the ride quality is generally good.

In terms of how well the Boxer pulls, the more powerful variants allow large payloads with minimal gear swapping.

5: Running Costs:

The Boxer comes with extremely impressive figures for running costs, coming in at 47.1mpg with CO2 emissions of 158g/km for the 110bhp and 130bhp versions of the new 2.0-litre BlueHDi engine. The 130bhp variants do come with a stop and start technology which reduces the emissions down for urban settings.

In addition, the Peugeot Boxer is capable of carrying a large payload of up to 1900kg of 15m3 and has one of the lowest maintenance costs among its competitors.

Plus, even the entry-level models come with generous specifications, allowing businesses to utilize more space for less money.

When you combine all of the above mentioned great features with the Boxer’s standard bulkhead to keep the noise down, the user-friendly dashboard and the attractive yet simple look, the van undoubtedly comes in as an attractive and a practical buy for business owners.

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