Why Should You Use Pinterest If You're Dealing With Travel Web Marketing

Why Should You Use Pinterest If You're Dealing With Travel Web Marketing

Whoever promotes a destination or a tourist activity can no longer do without developing a web marketing strategy that takes into account social networks, privileged channels where people reveal themselves guaranteeing themselves increasingly tailored advertisements. If Facebook and Instagram are the favorite channels for sharing the experiences of tourists, here is that Pinterest is the key to access the bulletin board of their wishes. Who makes tourism marketing knows how crucial it is to intercept the guest at this stage of the journey, the inspiration that precedes the actual planning activity.

Pinterest is for potential travelers like a big wall on which to hang the boards ( boards ) where pin ( pinnare ) and easily share ideas, aspirations and dreams in a format, that of beautiful images, which is imprinted in the mind. With over 150 million users every day looking for creative inspiration, Pinterest is definitely strategic for those who promote tourism, probably in the coming months it will become even more relevant than Instagram, which at the moment seems to dominate the visual world.

Intercept the travel interests of your potential users

Second only to Facebook as a tool to drive traffic to their website, Pinterest is a powerful means of inspiration for travelers and targeting for marketers. On Pinterest, unconsciously, people reveal what they would like to buy, what they want to learn and of course where they want to go, invaluable information to get to know the public and better target their tourism marketing strategy.

But what does the user find interested in a trip on Pinterest? Typing the name of any location is mainly housing and experiences often shared by other travelers. The traveler who uses the web as well as Pinterest is doing nothing but search for information and in that same environment, the operators have the opportunity to respond directly to this request while providing an invaluable source of inspiration.

From this year, in fact, Pinterest allows advertising to be based on users' travel interests, targeting their campaigns with Video Production Company In Dubai towards a very specific sub-group of traveler users whose interests are adventure, food, wellness, culture and groups.

Pinterest is a powerful means of inspiration for travelers and marketer targeting

Thanks to the Pinterest business account, tour operators can access a series of very interesting analytics that show in detail which are the pins that generate traffic and engage users. It is also very easy, for example, to know quantitative data relating to travel research (destinations, type of accommodation, experiences, tips, etc.) of one's own public and of the Pinterest general user base.

Moreover, tourism companies have the opportunity to build relationships with other businesses repining elements from other relevant boards (for example, a hotel can repaginate the experiences of a tour operator in the same territory, or the pins of the local tourism promotion body), not just enhancing the user experience.

Tips for promoting SMEs and tourist destinations on Pinterest

A company that sells tours and experiences could take advantage of the power of the boards to highlight the peculiarities of their tours and thus show potential users how each experience is special and unique in its own way. A hotel can showcase rooms and locations as well as share the positive experiences of guests.

Recently even the big names of the travel market have begun to advertise on Pinterest. A large company that sells cruises, for example, has started sponsoring ads that are displayed when Pinterest users search for certain potentially interesting keywords for novice cruise passengers.

The opportunity to buy an ad based on images and not on the text allows you to reach travelers who previously had never considered going on a cruise. The important thing is to be able to create contents that are useful and interesting for the public potential, taking care as always of the quality of the texts and the organization of the information. Here are some examples of boards that you can create on Pinterest to promote a destination or a tourism company:

  • Themed board (winter holidays, summer holidays etc)
  • Boards that collect customer stories and experiences (inviting them to share their pins there)
  • Tours and activities to do in the area
  • Local events
  • Tourist attractions of the place
  • What to eat and drink (recommendations on local productions)
  • Go shopping
  • Activities for specific groups of users (children, couples etc.)
  • Curiosity
  • Challenge and contest related to the structure and / or destination

Of course it is necessary to optimize your business account making sure to complete the profile with high quality images possibly vertical (most of the traffic comes from mobile), entering the contact information and a description of the company.

Each pin must be accompanied by a caption explaining why the product in the photo may be of interest to your potential visitor and include a call to action (CTA) in the text. Pinterest allows the user with a simple touch to visit the site and get more information or buy your product directly.

Finally, Pinterest is useful for improving the SEO of your website. Google in fact indexes the boards of Pinterest and it can often happen to the user to type a search query on Google and display a board of Pin on that topic in the first results. Which is why next to evocative images it is important to create quality captions with adequate and cared keywords and hashtags that allow your boards to appear in more searches.

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