Why is AOL email not working on iPhone?

Why is AOL email not working on iPhone?

AOL may be a free web-based email service provider and it offers services in several languages. It makes the method of sending and receiving mail easy and effortless. Nevertheless, many users face some different problems with AOL.

What are the reasons behind AOL Email and how to fix it?

If your AOL account isn't performing on an iPhone then there might be different reasons. Mentioned some common issues alongside solutions below.

Store Browser’s Cache

Whenever we open any website, our system stores some data which is understood as Cache. It's a store just to supply better services but it turns the method slow. It resists application’s work and creates issues, like failing to send emails or messages.

You can clear them easily and without fixing much effort. All you would like to travel to the browser setting and choose the all cache delete option. Now, again attempt to open AOL and send someone a message.

Deactivated Account

If you're not using the account for an extended time, due to no activity, AOL can deactivate your account. it's the foremost common issue for those that aren't active users of it. To fix this issue, you would possibly need to speak to an AOL representative.

There are alternative ways to attach with them. you'll choose any method and appeal for activation of the account. it's going to take a couple of days to restart the account.

Messages Are Going Into A Wrong Folder

Quite often, thanks to making unnecessary changes or updates, messages are sent into the incorrect folder. It occurs most of the time; when one installs the third-party application. If you're not receiving the mail from an equivalent sender multiple times, then this might be a reason.

To fix this problem, you'll check all the folders first then see where you're getting messages and mail. It's the simplest thanks to fix AOL email issue.

Disable Pop-Up

To log in, it's imperative to possess a pop-up. But, numerous times, the user disables the pop-up function. If you've mistakenly disabled it, then confirm you switch thereon before accessing the AOL email. you'll do that with the setting of the browser. If you've made any changes recently, then remove them.

These are common issues, and that they are often easily manageable manually. you'll get quick support with the AOL customer service telephone number . With this, you'll connect with the live person and obtain the prompt solution.

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