Why Internet Access is a Modern Necessity, Not a Luxury

Why Internet Access is a Modern Necessity, Not a Luxury

Exposure is the best form of learning. Simple things like banning Wi-Fi are simply hindering kids about the benefits of having a luxury that can communicate them across continents in a couple of seconds. Ad-block programs exist for a reason but the further education of children on this issue is what will further their education rather then sheltering them and then exposing them later on whilst others have a head start.

The economy is shifting towards an electronic evolution that is already underway. Several major companies have completely shifted their business to online sales. Why? Because the accessibility of Wi-Fi both stimulates their business and facilitates the lives of other citizens. People flock to restaurants with free Wi-Fi, why can’t a school have that same effect? Kids will be exposed to all sorts of things on the Internet of course, but they will regardless if there is Wi-Fi or not, advertisements, entertainment are all at a click away. Marketing will reach our children regardless of what is done and more should be done to prevent that. But it is not due to the presence of Wi-Fi on school ground.

The concept of digital marketing is a fascinating one, due to its platform. The Internet… It is profitable, unpredictable and so spontaneous that figuring it out is nearly impossible. But why do we try? Because it is everywhere, it is all that people see. The digital marketing opportunities are endless, but a slippery slope. Mistakes are vilified without mercy and luck gets rewarded lavishly. But it is what it is… I want to help you with digital marketing and positive exposure as badly as I want to shake your hand after I accept your scholarship. I want to help figure out how to become the best digital marketing entity.

To say digital marketing will be big in a couple of years is a massive understatement. Currently, we are seeing tyrant companies fall because of the digital wave. Denying that is fiscal suicide. Marketing, via an accessible source is what keeps both the economy moving and the masses happy.

Aside from that, I love the entertainment industry. Brainstorming to find out what people like, and what draws their attention, is truly my passion. As an aspiring attorney I aim to be in the frontlines of the digital marketing movement in order to get the exposure that others may be hesitant to invest in. Looking around you already see how social media and other digital platforms have reshaped primal things such as dinner and concerts. It’s a shame, but its also a gold mind. Whoever has the strongest mobile/digital presence owns the future. I follow the developments closely and aim to pioneer a legal practice that runs efficiently, which may ultimately lead to transparency and common understanding.

Social media and other digital platforms such as video games are now the best source to reach a younger and more fiscally conservative younger generation. That market managed to make watching another person play videogames into a multi-billion dollar industry… We will play specialized commercials here, fitting for kids and youth. The youth will respond and the ripple affect will bring in a whole new waive of prospects. This is simply an idea, digital marketing can apply to all age groups and through proper ad placement great things can be achieved.

Besides being legal representation, I can be an aid to who ever may, ever need it. I already have over 150 hours of pro-bono work working at Loyola New Orleans Law Clinic. I am a hard worker, raised in Miami, FL I’ve seen the injustices that immigrants face. As a result, I would never give anything short of my all. We will gladly be at your service. I hope we speak again soon. Having a degree and then getting a masters degree or a even higher level of academic achievement will help you be more successful and have a better job. Going to college and then going to graduate school is a plan of mine, but not only for me. To be the first in my family to finish graduate school will be one of the highlights of my life. I really hope I hear from you soon!

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Darcey Host is a Co-Founder of Router Instructions.com and a digital marketing specialist. Darcey specializes in search engine optimization and content strategy. Writes about all things digital marketing, including search, social media, analytics, health, automation, technology, And Lifestyle. He worked in Digital Marketing industry with 5 years experience and handled more than 70 projects in this period.

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