Why Install Fire Sprinklers And How They Work

Why Install Fire Sprinklers And How They Work

Unlike most people might imagine hotels and public places are not at a greater risk to fire accidents. In many of these establishments we find advanced fire protection systems installed and hence they are adequately protected against several odds. Homes are in fact the topmost on the list of vulnerability to fires. Fire sprinklers are great additions to homes to stay protected from any outbreak of fire ravaging your property. Here are the reasons why you must install a fire sprinkler and how they work.

Home fire sprinklers
Fire sprinklers meant for home include a piping network that is configured to deliver pressurized water stored behind walls and ceilings. Since the water is always found in the pipelines, the sprinklers are always ready for the job. In the event of a fire outbreak, the air above the fire gets heated up and this high temperature can automatically activate the sprinkler. The sprinkler sprays pressurized water on the flames and extinguishes them completely in majority cases. In some cases, the heat is controlled and the development of toxic smoke is prevented till the fire fighting team arrives. Since smoke will not activate the sprinklers, only the sprinkler nearest to the fire sprinkles water.

Why sprinklers are an ideal set up for you
Sprinklers are ideal equipment to prevent fire accidents since they react rather quickly. Since they can significantly reduce the heat, flames and smoke they can help reduce the injury and death from fire. They enable people with enough time to vacate the property during an instance of fire. The output of home sprinklers is 10 to 25 gallons of water per minute. If there is no fire sprinkler installed in a home, the fire is most likely to grow to dangerous proportions before the fire fighters arrive at the spot. As the fire sprinklers installed in homes can act rather too fast and bring down the fire, they can play a crucial role in reducing the property damage as well as saving lives.

Myths about fire sprinklers
• There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding the fire sprinklers that make the property owners reluctant to install sprinklers. Here is a list of important characteristics of sprinklers that help us solve many such myths.

• Sprinklers never get activated accidentally. In a home where sprinklers are installed, the water damage due to accidental sprinkler discharges is significantly lesser than the damage caused by other kinds of pumping mishaps.

• Sprinklers are configured to get activated only due to high temperature resulting from fire outbreaks. Therefore, they do not operate due to cigar smoke and burnt toast.

• All the sprinklers do not get activated at once. Though this is what is the case projected falsely in movies and TV programs, this does not happen in real life with sprinklers. Since only the sprinkler that is closest to the fire is activated, most times a single sprinkler extinguishes the fire.

• Since home fire sprinklers give the property owners additional protection and peace fo mind, installing them in your home is a smart decision that will safeguard your property and lives occupying it.

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