Why Hong Kong Is So Different Than Other Cities

Why Hong Kong Is So Different Than Other Cities

In any study that comes out trying to rank best cities in the world, Hong Kong always has to be featured. A small city with many residents, this place offers so many unique features that are not found anywhere else in the world.
The following are some of the things that make Hong Kong a unique city.

Hong Kong has a fantastic transportation system that is well known for its efficiency. One of its standout means of transport is the subway transportation system. You will get to travel underwater between the different sections of the subway lines without spending much. This subway tunnel is one of its kind among many cities.
Other options include traveling using street trams which also make several stops including to central subway stations. Riding on upper levels of trams allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery as you move around. There are also buses and taxis that can help you traverse around the city. Hong Kong is however known to be less dependent on cars for transport.


.Due to its small but with many inhabitants there was a need to seek a long-lasting solution. Sky scrapping was the ideal way to compensate for the small size of the land. As such, Hong Kong is home to some impressive skyscrapers and tall buildings. Some towers are even more special since they have been build using bamboo scaffolding, which involves using bamboo to create standing structures that workers use to hang on while constructing. Some of these structures have been built using modern technology and are a ground-breaking accomplishment of contemporary architecture and design which make the city even more attractive. Hong Kong has a record of over 1200 skyscrapers, making it the most rising city in the world with a gigantic and beautiful skyline. This height coupled with city lights is always a beauty to watch at night. What makes it even more aesthetically appealing, the city has some small rivers, gardens, and waterfalls between its streets.


This City might not have a significant density of restaurants, but the food offered here has a great diversity. Some of the delicacies include snake soup, hot pot, Eel claypot, whole roast suckling pig, beef brisket just to name a few. You should never miss trying these specialties whenever you visit Hong Kong. There are other types of foods that are found in other cities in the world but are cooked in a Hong Kong-inspired way. The method of preparation makes the food mind-boggling and unique to the people of this city.

Insecurity is synonymous with many cities of the world. Hong Kong, however, is well known for having one of the fewest cases of homicide and lowest crime rates in the world. According to a report compiled by the United Nations in 2011, it was ranked the third city with few cases of crime. Despite the large population in the town, you have your safety guaranteed anytime you are in the city. Excellent lighting and vibrancy of the city at night, adds to the security of this beautiful city.

5.Spas and wellness.
People of Hong Kong are zealous about beauty and wellness. As such, Spas and massage centers are very common in this place. In fact, they are one of the biggest there is in the whole of Asia. After an exhausting day of sightseeing, you can decide to enter one of these spas where you will get treated to a pamper break. There are very many services offered in these resorts like pedicures and many traditional therapies. One stand out service provided in these Spas, however, is the traditional Hong Kong message. Being a conventional kind of treatment that started in this city, be sure to get the best experience from experts.

These factors are indeed unique to Hong Kong and make it an exciting destination for every person that loves traveling to great places

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