Why Catering Is Important at a Morning Meeting?

Why Catering Is Important at a Morning Meeting?

For many of us, early morning work meetings can be challenging. There are several reasons why employees around the world are frustrated by these early gatherings. For one, there is often little time to gather yourself and your thoughts as you head into these meetings first thing in the morning. Secondly, these meetings usually impose a difficult or restrictive time frame that can easily get in the way of momentum and motivation.

On the other hand, it is entirely reasonable to schedule a meeting first thing in the morning. Employees are often most productive at this time, and these group discussions can help employees organize and prioritize various goals and projects for the days and weeks ahead. While morning meetings may be difficult for some, the benefits can easily outweigh the challenges and can produce great results for your business.

If you or your company has decided that these early morning meetings are as useful and effective as many fellow business people believe, start looking for “breakfast catering near me,” as food is the best way to get your employees in the door on time and ready to work. Here’s why:

Most People Skip Breakfast Before the Office
Our mornings are precious. From the moment we rise, we are moving. With everything we do in the mornings, from commuting to exercising to dropping off the kids, we often forget to take the time to eat that essential morning meal.

As employees arrive at work, they are often hungry and lost in the fast-paced bustle of their morning. By providing breakfast foods and coffee at your early morning work meeting, employees are far more likely to focus, stay engaged, and remain motivated throughout the day. Having staples at your meeting, like teas, coffee, fruits, and salads, can help boost meeting participation, discussions, and involvement in decisions that need to be made throughout the day.

Food Is an Incentive
We all know how powerful an incentive food can be. Having food at your early morning meeting will absolutely help to incentivize employees to show up on time, be mentally present, and get productive. Having food at your next meeting will help employees get excited about their work and can help to improve general morale around the office. We all know how challenging those morning meetings can be on a rough day, so make sure to incentivize your staff and employees with delicious breakfasts foods.

Food Helps Your Employees Kick Start Their Day
As mentioned above, given the hectic, bustling nature of morning routines, employees often arrive at work without having eaten anything at all. This unfortunate fact of busy modern life means many employees are not thinking or working at their best. Breakfast is the meal that kicks our brains into action and helps our bodies wake up and prepare us for the day ahead. Breakfast is the kick start that shakes off a grumbling stomach and morning grogginess. Providing breakfast at early morning meals can help employees with their focus and attention, and can also have serious positive impacts on overall creativity and productivity by removing those physical distractions. Providing healthy and accessible breakfast options for your employees can be a simple way to increase general efficiency, happiness, and health around the office.

Where to Find Healthy Breakfast Catering
If you were planning to begin your search with “breakfast catering near me,” keep in mind that you’ll need to go beyond a simple online search. If you want to give your employees the tools to start their day off on the right foot, you should make sure to provide healthy breakfast options.

At Waterfront Gourmet, we bring in breakfast staples, like coffee, teas, and breakfast sandwiches, while also ensuring that our catering menu is full of healthy, natural options. We understand and value the importance of providing your employees with great foods to start their day. You can find out more about our catering hours and selection on our website.

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