Which Frameworks are Used by Android Application Developers for App Development?

Which Frameworks are Used by Android Application Developers for App Development?

Mobile applications are becoming an important factor to achieve success in various industries. Hence, developers are focusing on providing the best mobile apps with better features and functionalities. There are various platforms that make it easy to develop mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and other systems. However, the highest global market share has been acquired by Android and iOS. Increasing number of companies are adopting Android for mobile app development in order to boost the revenue and achieve immense growth in the market. Hence, Android application developers are using advanced tools and techniques to build the best mobile applications.

Android is an open platform built on the Linux and is free. It offers a complete software stack such as middleware, operating system. There are various advantages of Android application development such as scalability, speed, performance, and other benefits including customization and low investment and high Return On Investment (ROI). there are various Android app development frameworks that help app development companies and developers to build an app in less time. Also, one of the biggest benefits of developing a mobile app on Android is that it can run on various devices from different manufacturers with different hardware configurations. Hence, Android apps can offer better user experience irrespective of the device being used by the customer. In order to get higher profits and reach a maximum number of customers, companies or businesses are hiring the best Android application development company. Mobile app development cost and quality are some of the factors that play an important role while selecting the app development company.

Here are some of the best Android application development frameworks that can be used by developers for developing an Android application.


It is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that helps the developers to build mobile apps for various platforms like Android, iOS, and HTML web apps. The company by using AppsBuilder can also develop the app without any or very limited coding knowledge. Although the framework under the white label app development might be simple and effective to use, however, it has various limitations when compared to the latest Native apps.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK was developed in 2009, however, it is being used by a majority of the companies to develop an app for Android, Android TV, iOS, MacOS, and Kindle Fire. This framework uses Lua for coding and facilitate mobile app developers to integrate Lua code and also assist with Android Studio project to create native apps.

Dojo Mobile

It is an HTML5 framework that can help to develop web-based applications for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. It has a myriad of widgets which makes it possible to develop web apps. Also, according to some of the top Android application developers and development companies, the widgets can work best with browsers such as Chrome, IE10, and Safari. Dojo Mobile is considered ideal for developing lightweight applications. The platform also has a small parser and is capable to a bootstrap Android mobile application.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile framework is touch-optimized and goes well with a myriad of tablet computers and smartphones. It is also compatible with other mobile application development frameworks such as Worklight and PhoneGap, and help developers to build theme-based custom applications for various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. Moreover, mobile app developers already familiar with jQuery Syntax need very minimum learning to use jQuery Mobile. This framework has also very limited dependency on other tools and resources.


It is an open-source Android application framework, that can be used to launch the app using web development technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The best thing about PhoneGap is that the app can be developed in a very less time.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator titanium is also known as Titanium SDK. it is an open-source framework used for Android app development using a single JavaScript Codebase. Titanium SDK is majorly used by Android application development company to develop mobile apps that can run on multiple platforms, where the developers can reuse 60% to 80% of the existing code. Moreover, the mobile app developed using Appcelerator Titanium can employ features of the native device that offer better performance. The mobile app developed using this framework can use hardware-specific features like OS-centric controls, Android Menu buttons, and also offers the advantages of a notification mechanism.

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