What You Must Never Do During A Hotel Stay

What You Must Never Do During A Hotel Stay

Accommodation is the most important part of every travel plan whether you make the travel on a leisurely or a business mission. While you will hunt for Cheap Hotels In Miraflores for a budget stay, you might not pay a ken attention to your roles and responsibilities during your stay in a hotel of your choice. Experts in the hospitality industry advise travellers about a few things they must not do while staying in a hotel. Following these tips will ensure you enjoy the most enjoyable staying experience without inviting any issues or problems. Read on to know what is not advisable for a guest in a hotel.

Never scream at the staff
While every hotel management is keen to employ courteous and hardworking staff for management and housekeeping, it is possible that some staff is not good enough to meet your expectations. However, expect this anywhere you stay and get the things done for you tactfully by acting smart. Never create a situation wherein you will scream at the staff for any reason.

Do not share the room number with anyone
Never share the room number with anyone. When you need to be contacted or visited by someone, the desk agent must take your permission and point to your room number without announcing it to the wider world.

Do not get annoyed with security measures
It is possible that the night desk agent asks your new friend’s identification. Never get annoyed on this as this is done in the good interest of the other guests and yourself. Also never let the hotel employee into the room if they do not have an ID card given by the management.

Do not condemn the hotel staff for stealing
If by chance any of your stuff is stolen, do not make the hotel staff responsible for the theft. Nevertheless, you have every right to report the matter to the manager and ask them to initiate the appropriate action depending on the extent of the damage caused.

What not to do while ordering
Never order from room service if you spot that the pages are either torn or dirty. Also do not order while the menu reads ‘Winter Menu’ during another season.

What not to do in the bathroom
Never use the bathroom washcloths for removing the makeup or shine your shoes. They are not there for this purpose and this is not advisable in the interest of the other guests who will stay after you.

What not to throw in the room garbage
Do not dispose any item in the room garbage which you do not want the hotel staff to know like insulin needles or other sharp or dangerous objects. Dispose them properly.

Do not take advantage of the late checkout
Never abuse the late checkout privilege. If any circumstances demand you to stay past 1 pm, take permission from the manager.

Never leave the luggage unattended
Do not leave your luggage in the hotel lobby unattended even for a very short time.

Ensure you have properly cleared the room while vacating it
While vacating the room, ensure you have packed your entire luggage and properly disposed what you do not want to take back. This will avoid any disappointments later on.

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