What Vehicles Need LED Lights to Improve Safety?

What Vehicles Need LED Lights to Improve Safety?

When you hear the term “emergency lights,” you probably think of the red lights and shrieking sirens that belong to police cruisers or fire trucks, but these vehicles are only two among the many that require noticeable and bright emergency lights, such as grill lights or Led Emergency Lights For Trucks. There are a number of public service providers and companies that should consider attaching some form of emergency light to their cars, trucks, or other vehicles.

Why Emergency Lights Are Important
Emergency lights are designed for two purposes. First, emergency lights identify a specific vehicle. They differentiate a truck, van, or car from the other motor vehicles on the road by drawing on established cultural norms for light coloration.

Second, they provide a warning to other drivers and to pedestrians that there is danger, obstruction, an accident, or another incident in the area. In this regard, emergency lights don’t just inform, but are meant to modify behavior. A driver that sees an oncoming fire truck knows to move to the side of the road. When a police cruiser is pulled to the shoulder of a highway with its lights flashing, it is a sign to slow down and change lanes. Whether it is necessary to allow a vehicle to move quickly through traffic or let other cars know that a vehicle is moving slower than surrounding traffic, LED emergency lights for trucks, vans, and other vehicles do the job.

The same type of notice is imparted when these lights are attached to other vehicles. Whether a flashing white light or bright amber light, they tell drivers to slow down, make more room, or, at the very least, be attentive. This can be incredibly helpful for work crews and other employees who must complete tasks on the side of the road or along busy streets.

Emergency Lights Made for Emergency Services
While it might not seem obvious at first, there are a number of vehicles that can benefit from having emergency lights attached to the top, front, back or sides of the truck, van, or car. As discussed above, police cars and federal marshal vehicles are great examples. These cruisers and SUVs have a clear interest in being able to let drivers differentiate their cars from other vehicles on the road.

Similarly to police, FBI, and other vehicles of authority, fire departments need a straightforward and clear way to move other traffic off the road and out of their path. Ambulance services have the same needs. These first responders have legal authority to bypass normal driving laws and regulations, such as stop signs and red lights. The fact that these vehicles will be behaving differently makes it even more important to inform drivers of an approaching fire truck or ambulance.

What Other Cars, Trucks and Vans Use Emergency Lights?
There are other vehicles that are allowed to use emergency lights. A few vehicles that can benefit from LED emergency lights include tow trucks, construction vehicles, utility vans, and repair vehicles. Often, these vehicles are required to perform repair work, maintenance, and other tasks in the path of traffic or along the roadway. This can be dangerous for employees and workers as well as the drivers of these vehicles. Therefore, it is prudent to provide a clear warning of the vehicle’s presence to other drivers.

In addition, utility vans, tow trucks, and maintenance vehicles are often wider or longer than other automobiles out on the road. If a driver is surprised by a van’s width or length, it can lead to unnecessary accidents. LED emergency lights for trucks or other vehicles can indicate that there is need for caution when passing or approaching these bigger vehicles on the road.

Oftentimes, a state will impose restrictions on the type and color of light these motor vehicles can utilize. It is necessary for any company to check the state-specific restrictions before making modifications to an issued truck or van. For example, in one state a tow truck might be legally allowed to place blue emergency lights on the top of the truck, but this practice could be illegal in the neighboring states.

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