What to Look for In a Entry Level DSLR Camera?

What to Look for In a Entry Level DSLR Camera?

The first step towards becoming a photographer is to learn about photography. There is not a single camera in the world that would click great pictures for you. Just like holding a paintbrush would not make you a painter it's your skill and creativity, which makes you a painter. Similarly, buying a camera would not make you a photographer; you have to learn about photography then choose a camera. However, choosing the right DSLR camera could also become confusing. You could read about different gadgets on Gadget Reviews. But these high-tech gadgets always seem very daunting, and it is not easy for an entry-level photographer to make the right decision. Therefore, in this article, we would breakdown the process of choosing the right camera by discussing some queries related to cameras.

Nikon or Canon?

A ubiquitous question of every new photographer is which brand to choose? Should we go for a Nikon or Canon? Or buy a smaller brand like Pentax camera at the start of our career?

Brands of DSLR cameras are essential; every brand and model has its lens specifications and additional accessories. Therefore, you could not say one brand is better than the other. Nikon makes amazing DSLR, so does Canon, and they are always competing in the market. Thus, a brand that is not popular today might be famous next year. Therefore, your criteria for selecting a camera based on the brand name is not right. The best way to choose a camera would be to study its features rather than the name of the brand. Do your research about different lenses and accessories that are available with the camera. For example, if you need a telephoto lens or a full-frame camera, then go with the brand, which offers you both features.

DSLR Camera Sensor Size:

Every digital camera captures images when light enters its lens and falls on the sensor of the camera. Therefore, to capture an image sensor plays the most crucial role. Every camera has a sensor, and you could find them in various sizes; for example, a smartphone camera sensor is tiny, and a DSLR sensor is much larger. With larger sensors, you get high-resolution images, and they work much better in low light scenarios. Usually, you would find two types of sensors in DSLR cameras.

The most common sensor found in entry-level DSLRs is the APS-C sensor. This sensor has a smaller size, but they are accommodating for every new photographer. The smaller size makes it easy to use and makes the entry-level cameras much more affordable.

The 35mm sensor is much larger and mostly found on professional DSLR cameras. Therefore, they lie in a higher price bracket, which makes them not the right choice for an entry-level photographer. Therefore, if you are interested in buying something advance, I would recommend you invest in a full-frame camera, an APS-C sensor.

How Vital Are Megapixels?

Many people buy a camera based on the single deciding factor megapixel of the camera. That is a very wrong practice, not that megapixels are not important because they are not the only thing to look in a camera. Higher the megapixel on a camera means more high-resolution images you get from it. These high resolutions pictures allow you to print big photos, and when you are cropping a picture, you would not be ruing the photo.

Megapixels VS Sensor Size:

When we compare the importance of megapixels with the sensor size, then my friend's sensor size wins the battel as a quality size sensor decides the image quality so your 42 megapixels might be between by a 16-megapixel camera just because of the sensor size. However, we are discussing buying an entry-level DSLR so we could suppose all the cameras under consideration have APS-C size sensors. Therefore, in this case, a camera with more megapixels would produce high-resolution images. Keep in mind that higher megapixels could never guarantee better pictures. Most of the cameras with higher megapixels are known to produce noise t high ISO.

Shutter Speed:

The shutter speed of the camera determines how fast the camera would take a photo. Those photographers who are into sports and interested in continuous shooting good shutter speed is essential. If you are a parent looking to capture beautiful moments of your kids, then you need high shutter speed to capture all the action. Moreover, shutter speed is also essential for portrait photographers as it helps to capture the best expressions.

Calculating a camera shutter speed is very difficult. There is no right way or method to determine the correct shutter speed. However, a good indication of the shutter speed is the burst speed of the camera. Commonly known as fps or number of photos, a camera could click per second would give you a real idea about the shutter speed of the camera. Typically, cameras that have a 10-fps burst speed are excellent for action photography. But raising the shutter speed would increase your budget.

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