What to Expect From a Hotel that Calls Itself “Luxury”

What to Expect From a Hotel that Calls Itself “Luxury”

Nowadays, the word “luxury” has been deprived by excessive use. But if you’re an experienced luxury traveler, a “luxury” hotel has to mean something specific to you. You are familiar that guests paying high hotel rates have the privilege to experience high standards in service, in rooms, in dining, hospitality, and everything else that a grand hotel offers. If you are a beginner in traveling then keep on reading the “musts” that a good hotel offers.

Excellent Reservation Process

Booking a luxury hotel should not be confusing. The reservation process should be smooth and simple and you are getting all the help you need. It does not matter whether you book online, directly with the hotel, through a travel agent, or any other means, either way, you should be getting a seamless reservation process.

No Waiting for Check In or Check Out

Luxury travelers dislike the feeling of waiting on a long checking line when you’ve spent the day just getting to the hotel. You should be aware that once you have checked in, your luggage should arrive in your room not less than 10 minutes. If there is any miscalculation on your bill on the checkout day, then it should be quickly settled.

Great Room Features

Don’t let the hotel you are staying get away with cheap corner-cutting moves! I have a long list of what a great room should have and look like to be considered luxury. Try to see if the list covers most of your “musts.”

  • Consistent room designs with high-quality furnishings

  • Visible jungles of electric cords

  • Not near the elevator nor generators

  • Room with fresh air no odors or strong fresheners

  • Fine plaster walls with original art or paintings on the walls

  • King Bed (firm mattress, no synthetic covers, smooth cotton sheets, an array of pillows

  • Enough storage and space (closet, drawers, counter, tabletop)

  • Comfortable reading chairs, a desk, dock or jack for phones, a clock, a full-length mirror, coffee maker

  • Easy to control heating/ AC system

  • WiFi and bottled water

Upscale Hotel Bathroom

This is probably one of the most scrutinized areas in your room. Your bathroom should have a good ventilation source, a fan, his-and-her sinks, a partitioned, private john, adequate counter space for your things, easy access to outlets. Also, observe if the washroom is clean, are there any stained and chipped counters and tiles? Check also if they have a complete set of toiletries.

Hospitable and Friendly Staff

Luxury hotel guests should feel that they are notable and appreciated. The staff should never be cold and arrogant. As a guest, you should expect hotel personnel to greet you with a warm smile at every encounter. If they greet you by name, then it’s a plus!

Outstanding Housekeeping Service

A maid should never get rid of anything yours. Housekeeping service should be quiet and dependable. Also, they need to use more natural and non-irritating products when cleaning your room and this applies to all areas of the hotel. If something in your room went wrong then maintenance personnel and handymen will appear in your room within minutes.

Exceptional Hotel Dining Experience

Even small hotels have a place to eat and drink for their guests so highly hope for a restaurant and bar with good food and room service. Most resto bars are available for 24 hours, especially in the urban hubs.

Comfort and Entertainment

As a luxury hotel guest, you have to look forward to guest activities and amenities. Try to check if they have a fitness center with an array of basic types of equipment. And if you love to swim, a pool should be given a space. A social lobby should be present with couches, free wifi, and bar service. A reliable concierge who knows everything will be helpful for you. You can also get a private butler. It’s an awesome and relaxing experience when you don’t have to do the most tiresome tasks yourself.

No Charge for the Basics

Since you are paying too much already, there are some services that should not offer any charge at all:

  • Bottled water and coffee maker in the room

  • Morning coffee served in the lobby

  • Room Wifi

  • Gym and pool access

  • Spa with locker room access

  • Shuttles to nearby towns or sister resorts

  • Local phone calls

Author bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a resident writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta a hotel located in Parramatta, New South Wales. She provides hotel tips and hacks for a blissful best vacation. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication minor in Broadcast Journalism.

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