What to choose For iPhone App Development : Objective – c or Swift

What to choose For iPhone App Development : Objective – c or Swift

Why A Mobile App : Before choosing any language we should understand why we to develop a mobile app. Since the first mobile application was developed by Apple in July 2008, after that day 500+ apps are developed and successfully published on Apple app store, and the counting is still going. Now these days a mobile application is must have for any organisation to grow their business, whether the organisation is very small or very big, having a mobile application is plus point for the organisation. A mobile application made this world so tiny and so connected that most of the information we can access just on a finger tip. From buying a pen to a very expansive goods, it’s just away from a finger tip. If you will look on your Smart phone now you will see you can get information , buy movie ticket for the love one , online shopping and many more everything is just one tap away from us. Yes the small screen of your smart phone can do many thing whatever you want to.

Choosing the right language For iPhone App Development

As we know the Software industry is very emerging and its growing Rapidly. For the iPhone application development we have mainly Two language which are provided by APPLE itself (Yes we are not talking about the Hybrid app Development )

  • Objective-c
  • Swift

Before June 2014 all the iPhone apps were being developed in Objective c which is very traditional (so called old school) language. In which we have to write bunch of syntaxes but, in June 2014 apple release a new programming language SWIFT. But apple didn’t change the compiler for the language as it same LLMV compile which can compile both (Swift as well as Objective – c) programming language. Now its mid of 2018 objective – C almost going to complete 14 years of his journey and if you have not switched to Swift till now. Here you need to know why you switch to swift. I will talk about advantage of choosing swift over Objective- c . As almost most of the Top Mobile Application Development Companies and companies like IBM , Ola Uber Tinder already have switched to this incredible programming language.

Some of great Advantage of using swift:

  • Compile Fast like Flash : well I am not kidding, yes swift is incredibly fast than objective-c. Yes I understand you want to know the reason. Well when an objective c program is complied than it also compile all the un-change classes which obviously will take time to compile but in swift the un-touched classes which get compile before don’t need do compile again which minimize the compilation time. So the next time you write a swift code you check the compilation time and you will be amazed.
  • Clean Code with less Error: the reason why I am saying clean code because in swift you have to write less code for the same objective – c code and the lesser the lesser the amount of error.
  • Re usability of code: I am not saying that you can’t reuse you code in objective- c but in swift you can access any class object , method , by just creating a reference of the class How cool is That.
  • Maintenance and Security :. After iPhone App Development phase maintenance is very important and swift is very secure language as the amount of code is very less so the amount of error is very low as compare to objective- c and the one of the reason why apple is a giant in the technology is because they care lot for the security of user.

So if you are not in to the swift programming language or have and iPhone App Development idea then Contact one of Top iPhone App development Company in India, USA and take advice to dip into this ocean I bet you , you will love to swim in this.

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