What Is There to Know About Menstrual Period?

What Is There to Know About Menstrual Period?

Let’s face it, not all women know about the entirety of the menstrual period. It’s enough that we have our tampons, pads and menstrual cups to deal with the heavy flow, it’s enough that we have our medicinal aids to help out the hormonal changes that we undergo and its enough that we have our heat pads to help us out for our dysmenorrhea. But are this information enough all throughout our life? As a woman, we need to know everything about our monthly period to prepare ourselves for whatever change we need to undergo.

Menstruation, for me, even as a woman is a very complicated matter. Even when I keep track of my period with a period calendar and count the days manually, I can’t still seem to track my period or understand the changes within my body. The question is, you, a woman who also undergo the same stress as I do, Do you fully understand the Menstrual Cycle, how it works and what comes with it?

What We Basically Know?

Menstrual Period is necessary to shed the wall that was made in the uterus for any possible fertilization when the sperm reaches the egg and needs to be developed. When there is no fertilization, the uterus sheds once a month, and then the body prepares to build another wall of lining for possible fertilization.

How does the Menstrual Cycle Work?

A cycle starts on the day of your first period and ends on the day before your next period, typically it lasts 28 to 35 days. A period usually is about 3 to 7 days long, this is different for every female. It is considered your first day when red heavy blood flows and your last day is when the day after you stop bleeding at all. Sometimes, in this topic, women are confused when to start counting, at the beginning of your monthly period, you do not count the days if the discharge is somewhat brownish. A regular menstrual cycle means that you have a period every month.

What do You need to Prepare?

Feminine Wipes, Wet Wipes or Tissue, are essential and should be part of your emergency period kit. These are for sanitary purposes to wipe off any blood or discharge in the area before inserting another tampon or changing pads. This prevents the spread of infection in the area, as we all know, this area is susceptible as it follows a specific pH level.

Basically, in this part, it is up to you, whatever you find comfortable wearing as long as it’s doing its job. The women of today are so lucky to have so many beautiful choices, unlike before, when women sew and cut their own paddings, every day of their period days. Now, we have pads, tampons, menstrual cup, adult diapers (for a much more massive flow), and menstrual panties.

Pads are absorbents that are applied on the panties to capture any discharges coming out from the vagina. There are so many options to choose from, like pads with wings to put and stay it in place, pads with more significant edges, so you don’t have to worry about stains when you sleep, and you can choose between net and cottony pads for better comfort.

Tampons are inserted in the vagina to prevent any leakage. It comes with an applicator so you can insert it easier and then when it’s full you pull it out by a string rope on the tip.

The menstrual cup is a new method in dealing with your period. Most menstrual cups are made of silicone. Most women are curious about this new innovation like how to insert a menstrual cup. It’s just like a tampon but before inserting you fold the opening into a C shape so you can insert it easier in your vagina. This is not an absorbent like pads or tampons, it basically, serves like a basin that collects blood flow and prevents it from leaking outside the vagina.

The adult diaper is not really used by the majority, but this can be an option for a much heavier flow, especially when you are not comfortable with what you are wearing. Adult diapers are said to be the last option but this the safest option against leakage as it covers the whole area.

Menstrual Panties are a new trend since everyone is going green for the betterment of the environment. These are pads that are stitched to panties, usually made of cotton for more comfortable use. After using, these underwears are washed and stored for the next use.


You shouldn’t endure any period discomfort and cancel your whole day because of this natural phenomenon. There are many ways to alleviate all the discomfort we are feeling like medicines, heat pads and of course, food of our own choice. So ladies, don’t be stressed, be refreshed.

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