What is Modular kitchens

What is Modular kitchens

Kitchen is considered to be the heart of every home and therefore it needs extra attention to make the home interiors elegant.

Modular Kitchen design is the next big thing trending in Kitchen designs. A modular kitchen aims to utilise every space in the kitchen for storage without making it look overcrowded. It is designed to maximise every inch of available kitchen space. They not just add a modern touch to your kitchen but are practically functional as well.

The standard modular kitchen layout comprises different cabinet units such as wal units, floor units, gadgets storage spaces, tall- storage cabinets etc. For instance, one modular might offer standard shelving while other modular designs may offer storage for wine, glasses, spices etc. The options are endless with a modular kitchen design. You can mix layouts and designs to complement the look.

What is a Modular kitchen?

A Modular Kitchen is a customizable kitchen consisting of cabinets, drawers, shelves, designed to fit the available kitchen space. Modular kitchens are stylish, streamline and cost-effective and their prices depend upon kitchen size, modular kitchen shape and modular kitchen finishing.

Modular Kitchen uses a variety of wood materials depending upon the quality and budget. Some of the most preferred materials are:

  • Solid Wood

  • High Density Fibre

  • Medium Density Fibre

  • Plywood ( Boiled Water Resistant, Moisture Resistant, and Boiled Water Proof)

Modular kitchen comes with a warranty. You may give it a nice finish to complement your home interiors such as acrylic finish, PU finish, Veneer finish, High-Gloss laminate, Solid wood finish kitchen, membrane finish or Matte laminate finish.

Advantages of a Modular Kitchen:

  • Space Management: Every corner of the space is utilised. Each modular unit is designed for convenience. These units can be shifted, rearranged so everything like hob, sink and work area is ebay to reach.

  • Space Utilisation: You can easily access every corner of the kitchen with the use of modular kitchen accessories such as racks, baskets, bins, trays and holders. Every inch of space is utilised for its best use.

  • Kitchen Hygiene: Modular kitchen is designed to keep the kitchen clutter free and clean. They are a better option than a traditional kitchen. It’s definitely the most hygienic one. Cleaning the kitchen takes less efforts.

  • Easy Repair: It is very easy to repair the kitchen as every piece is put together to make one. Each unit thus, can be easily detached and can be efficiently repaired without having to disturb the entire setup.

  • Cost Effective: A modular kitchen is relatively cheaper than a traditional kitchen design. Because everything in the kitchen is set up efficiently with minimum wastage.

Here are some things you must know about modular kitchen In India:

  • Renovating a Kitchen might take a long time, but with Modular kitchen design, installation is easy and it takes just weeks to make it extremely functional.

  • If a certain part of the kitchen gets damaged due to weather or sustains damage, it’s easy to just replace that portion without having to completely tear the whole kitchen.

  • The Modular Kitchen in India is the most easy to clean kitchen design. It doesn't get dirty easily and can be easily wiped down with dish soap and a sponge.

  • Modular kitchens are easy to assemble. Different furniture parts are put together to create the kitchen. This also makes it easy to remake your kitchen easily if you wish to. If you’re planning to move your home, then a modular kitchen can be easily dismantled and put together in the new home.

  • There are numerous types of modular kitchen that vary in color, design, layouts such as single line, L-shaped, parallel, U-shaped and Island shaped, peninsula kitchen etc. You can pick the kitchen based on the taste of your home furniture.

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