What Is Event Branding and Why It Matters to a Business?

What Is Event Branding and Why It Matters to a Business?

According to Ronnie Higgins from eventbrite.com, “Event branding is a collection of elements “Like features on a distinctive face, the more recognizable you make it, the more memorable your event. In other words, Event Branding is an event dressing, an elegant method to promote your brand. So, the question is why it is important for a business? The answer is simple, Event branding matters because of your brand matters. Event branding not only gives your business reach but it also promotes your brand.

Why Event Branding Matters?

It’s very important that your brand has a presence. Marketing your brand should be on top of the to-do list of a company. Event Branding appropriately represents your brand and shapes it in respect to how your sponsors, partners, and attendees remember it. This process is very critical for the growth of your business or brand. Studies have shown that that colour can boost the recognition of the brand by 80% and what a brand says and how it says can attribute 45% to the brand image.

All the big players in the business have a unique style and strategy to deal with and represent things. Companies like Samsung and Apple have high maintenance for websites, events, products, stores, etc. We can always learn from companies like Samsung and Apple to execute things in a better way. Let’s know, how they do it?

Digital Event Marketing

The way you communicate with the event website, event apps, event email, and social media marketing determines the success and the failure of the venture. Let’s check them out one by one.

Event Websites

It is very crucial for your brand that you properly and effectively communicate with the official website because of it is the place where all of your potential customers get in touch with the brand. While creating a website of the brand always pay extra website colour schemes, font, logos, and theme. Aside from that, one must focus on website templates, white label URLs,

Event Apps

In a study, it was found out that over 40% of event organizers use event apps. Even apps are growing and so does the number of users of event apps. In a recent study, it is revealed that 80% of the participants were using event apps for Event branding.

Email Marketing

A large portion of marketers believes that email marketing is one of the best methods of promoting events. It’s because it gives the marketers to get in touch with the sponsors, partners, and customers directly.

Social Media

Some include social media in their event branding and some do not. Facebook page handle and hashtags can be a great asset to the event branding. People can share, interact, and discuss your brand on social media.

With this entire event branding methods, you can showcase, design and present your brand or company in front of the people, partners, and sponsors.

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