What Are the New Benefits Of iOS 13?

What Are the New Benefits Of iOS 13?

Since the time, Apple has announced the launch of the new iOS 13, there has been great excitement amongst Apple users. They are desperately waiting to get information on the new benefits that the new Operating System will bring along with it.

The new iOS 13 is an updated version of the old mobile Operating System. The upgrade comes with several new features and benefits for the users to enhance their experience and also the performance of the Apple products.

iOS 13 is efficient and contains many optimization options throughout its system. It allows new competencies to the applications that you use on regular bases such as updated features in Camera and Apple Maps, and updated privacy protection while working with an enhanced speed as compared to before.

Here in this article, I will tell you 12 new benefits of iOS 13 that are amazing and are getting a lot of appreciation from users.


  1. Sign In using Apple ID

Now, you can easily and quickly sign-in to various applications and services without any requirement of you filling up forms every time and verifying with email- ids. This feature is named as Sign-in using Apple. It authorizes your Sign-ins with the help of your Apple Id. The process is safe without any risk of revealing your personal information. This feature works with two authentications that are your Face ID and Touch ID.

  1. Dark Screen Mode

The new iOS 13 provides an exclusive Dark Screen mode to users. This enables you to have a black background which is cool, user-friendly, and good for eyes if you are habitual of using your phone at night- time. Apple has made the Dark mode available for developers of third-party apps so it can be integrated with any of the applications. The Dark Mode can be set to switch on automatically at specific times.

  1. Advanced Images

Apple has introduced a new Image editing software in iOS 13. It is newly designed and works on a swipe up basis. They have introduced several improvements in their settings which can be used for editing images as well as videos while earlier they were only accessible for image editing. You can choose amongst cool and crazy filters and can even rotate the videos. The Image Gallery stores all your best clicks chronologically. They are arranged according to the days, monthly, and yearly.

  1. Upgraded Cameras

The camera has been upgraded and now the Portrait Lighting option can be optimized in its intensity. A new effect named High-Key Light Mono has been introduced.

  1. Upgraded Apple Maps

The new iOS 13 has made considerable changes and modifications in the Apple Maps. They have improved the overall coverage of areas in their maps with an added number of roads, buildings, infrastructure, beaches, rivers, and others. A new button named as Favorites has been added on the main menu and a Collections menu is also added which saves your planned trips and Wishlist. The new Look Around feature enables you to see any location properly even before visiting there. The Label feature enables you to check out more details about any specific location.

  1. Improvement in overall performance

The new iOS 13 has made a great improvement in its overall performance. There are many areas that have been improved specifically to enhance the user experience. Now, unlocking your phone with Face ID can be done with a 30% faster speed than before. The time taken for App downloads and App updates will be 50% and 60% less than ever before. The app launch speed has also improved.

  1. The Memoji Stickers

The new Memojis contains more options for customization such as using makeup, accessories, sunglasses, hats, hairstyles, and others. The new Memoji Stickers can be availed automatically using the iOS keyboard. It can also be shared on different apps such as Text Messaging, G-mail, and other platforms.

  1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth shortcut

Now, when you will open the Control Center, you are no longer restricted to just switch on and off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi there. You can long tap on the right side which will open a menu that shows the available Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network around you.

  1. Files

The Files application allows you to share files with iCloud Drive and get files and folders from external devices such as SD cards and USBs.

  1. Health

Using the Health feature, you can keep track of your hearing health. It also allows women to track and predict their menstrual cycle.

  1. Quick path

The quick path is a new keyboard feature that allows you to type easily using one hand on the iOS keyboard by constantly swiping the alphabets of different words.

  1. Silent your Unknown callers

Some unknown people or numbers that call you to waste your time can be avoided directly now. You can shift their numbers directly to the voicemail if you want to. This way, you can avoid the daily spam calls that are useless.

So these were some of the new benefits that iOS 13 has introduced for all its users. These features will surely enhance the user- experience and will move towards widening the customer base of Apple.

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