What are the Best Markets for Students to Visit in Aberdeen

What are the Best Markets for Students to Visit in Aberdeen

Predominant of the historical richness, Aberdeen is a busy seaport city in the commercial capital of northeastern Scotland. Not just a dream city for university aspirants, the city has been iconic of the many markets, selling affordable stuff. Aberdeen has a number of both outdoor and indoor markets just in the heart of the city center area which is in close proximity to both universities and student accommodations.

Here are the top 5 markets thronged by students, locals, and tourists alike in the city of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Country Fair

If you want a well-orchestrated gathering, then there is nothing better than checking out the Aberdeen Country Fair which takes place in the heart of the city on the last Saturday of every month and starts the day from 9 am and culminates at 5 pm in the evening. Visitors can peruse enumerable types of stalls, set up carefully in the safe covering of gazebos. The vendors are the local tribal producers who crop up with their range of handpicked edibles like craft beer, meat, fish, home-baked products, and non-edibles like arts, crafts and jewellery.

Aberdeen Sunday Local Market

This an exciting market held on Sundays every week and on all months for visitors to look into the local and hand-crafted food, craft, and some live music for shoppers to enjoy. What more? The markets enable shopper interaction with real-life farmers who offer super fresh produce to leave their mark in the days to come and ensure the stuff they sell is picked up in the very first day. They also provide a hometown vibe by setting their stalls themselves and also brings up freshly stocked veggies, fruits, and other farm products.

The Belmont Street Farmers Market

A new name given to the thriving market in Aberdeen is the Belmont Street Market which is set at the popular location in Aberdeen. Selling more than great local food, the market also organizes a friendly community event, with storytime, performances for kids and grownups, community information, and chats with friends and neighbours. This market is held every Saturday from 9 am till 3 pm with regular events organized for shoppers. There are vendors like ‘Tatenda’ selling South African inspired clothes and crafts, Owen's Angus Jams for their speciality in Jams and gins, K9 Health Centre for dog food buffet, and some finest honeys from Rose Valley. Students, therefore, have a merry time in this market and also save some bucks.

The Thistle Street Food Market

This is a market that acquaints shoppers with freshly stocked locally produced meat, fish, vegetables, bread, beer, sauces and also brings the same preserves to the West End. The market was launched on the day when the Aberdeen City Council announced 'In Town Without Your Car Day' to help create a new traffic-free space for city residents to enjoy. This is a market to support local farm owners to buy their freshly grown edibles.

Fish Market at Macduff

Held every last Saturday of the month, the fish market at Macduff is located in King Edward, Banff in Aberdeen. The vendors who attend the market and display their stock are namely Kynedor Prime Meats, Enjoy UK with Lynne Oliver, Flowers by Audrey, Three Fields Veg, Alissa A Little Luxury Everyday Bath Bombs, Rootski Wholefoods, Aberdeenshire Choice Eggs, Mary Bobbins, Macduff Parish Church, Agrii Gifts, and Florence & May Cakes and Fudge, to name a few. Students can go for great bargains and have good stuff stocked for their kitchens. Apart from living in purpose-built student accommodation Aberdeen, the city has the best markets to visit and explore more of the city life. Students can make good use of the leisure time available and make the most of their university living.

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