What Are Ten Basic Things A Hotel Must Offer The Guests

What Are Ten Basic Things A Hotel Must Offer The Guests

Hotel accommodation is a significant part of your travel spending. Hence you always deserve to get the best value for your money in terms of comfort and convenience. To know what to expect in a hotel accommodation, you must be aware of these ten basic things a hotel must offer the guests.

Clean ambience
This is the most basic thing you must be able to expect in the Best Hotels In Miraflores. Any hotel you choose for your stay must meet the best cleanliness standards providing the guests with clean public spaces, bedrooms, amenities and bathrooms.

Enough safety and security
For most people, the perfect levels of security and safety will be the foremost expectation in a hotel. Today a number of hotels have started providing personalized safety measures depending on the nature of the guests such as children, women and elderly.

Internet connectivity
Good internet connectivity is especially expected of a business hotel. Guests of all kinds of hotels must gain access to excellent connectivity and flexibility. For some people Wi-Fi is as important as the oxygen we breathe in.

Comfy beds
When the day closes and you retire to rest for the day, you must expect to find comfortable beds that are well maintained, neat, well designed and neatly cleaned. The position of the bed in the room must be strategic to enable good air circulation.

The plumbing in the bathroom
On the whole, the standards of plumbing must be accomplished thoughtfully so that there are no dripping taps and blocked drains. Clear potable water is a basic necessity for every guest.

Attentive phones
When you call the hotel number for some information, you must receive a proper reply from the right people at any time. If people who lack information pick up and give some inappropriate reply, the experience can be annoying. The quality of the reception desk always matters when it comes to enquiries.

Adequate lighting
This is a big concern in a lot of hotels. Right from the lobby, the hotel must have provided adequate lighting in the rooms, bathrooms and the bedside. A good lighting enhances the feeling of personal safety.

An inviting aroma
Though often overlooked, this is something you cannot miss out checking in the hotel you wish to stay in. The smell of the property has a big role to play in enhancing the guest experience.

Good food
The food served in the hotel must be simple, tasty, nutritious and harmless in any way. Since you will have to depend on the hotel food at least for one meal of the day, you cannot overlook this concern.

The check-in and check-out processes
The experience of the guests at the front desk is continuously evolving these days. You find pod check-ins or iPad check-ins in some hotels. However, more than these conveniences, the most important thing is a cordial reception and a courteous human element in the treatment you get.

Only when you know what to expect in a hotel, you will be able to check if those expectations are available in the hotel you book.

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