What Are Some Must-Have Features to be Added in The Taxi App for growth of your taxi business

What Are Some Must-Have Features to be Added in The Taxi App for growth of your taxi business

It feels like a taxi and food industry are competing with each other. Technology is giving a new shape to everyone industry. Without any doubt, these two industries are the top of the list of mobile development solutions. To make them great online solutions for a taxi, developers are adding unique features. In this blog, we are going to discuss all the must-to-have features for a taxi app.

It is important to know that the features of the taxi app solution depend directly on the kind of services offered by the owner. There are always three panels in taxi mobile options. They are the compulsory platforms that enable each user to get, offer- the services on-time.

These panels are-

  1. Customers App

  2. Drivers App

  3. Admin Panel

To know them deeply, Know the Must-to have features of individual panels of a Taxi App below.

Now! Let us discuss some of the must have features for a taxi booking application-

  • Signing Up- It is considered as the initial step where a user (customer as well as a driver) get authentication to access the services. After downloading it from the Play Store, to begin the process further, they always require an email id or mobile number. These are used for registration purposes. Only after signing up users can proceed for further services.

  • Categorize the Vehicles- Through this feature, vehicles can easily be categorized under different lists. These vehicles are categorized according to the sizes. With the help of these classifications, owners can easily choose and they help them to set packages.

  • Booking A Car- Before booking a car, the in-built features help the customers to estimate the money required to pay for a certain trip. In addition, customers can easily book the car only after confirming the price.

  • Multiple Payment Options- This feature beautifies the car booking mobile option. It enables the customers to pay for the booked car by using online payment methods. These methods include- credit cards, debit cards, multiple gateways, etc. Involving the multiple payment options increase the complexity of the solution that consumes numerous hours of the experts. But it is a must-to-have feature for a taxi booking app.

  • Built-in Module To Collect Fees From Drivers- This feature enables owners to take share from the driver’s income. It’s up to the service provider to set the when, how, and how much money to deduct from the drivers. The in-built coding helps them to handle the payments as per the requirements of the owners. The drivers have access to see the current balance, a total number of rides, time-taken to complete an individual ride, etc.

  • Push Notification- After booking a car, any kind of notifications can be sent from the admin to customers and drivers. For example- a confirmation message can be sent to the customer after the successful booking of a cab as well as after confirming the booking from the driver side. Additionally, these are used to showcase the offers and discounts on some kind of festive season, etc.

  • Calling & Chat Options- In the case of the late arrival of the driver due to any reason, a customer can easily call the usee. On the other hand, if a driver faces any kind of difficulty in locating the address of the users then they can call customers. From a security point of view too, it is an awesome feature.

  • Tracking Feature- With the GPS enabled taxi booking app options one can track the movement of the drivers. On the other hand, admins too can track their active users and drivers.

  • Feedback Options- This feature too makes the mobile option a wonderful option for the service providers, and customers. Customers can rate the service in the form of starts after taking it. After seeing a high rating or comments in the feedback section, more customers can easily book car wash services. And owners can take benefit and use it as a marketing tool.

In Conclusion-

Hope, from the above points you get an idea about the key features of a car booking mobile application. Before investing discuss things with the taxi app development company to get a robust taxi booking mobile application for your business.

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