Web Designer Vs Web Developer – How Do They Differ?

Web Designer Vs Web Developer – How Do They Differ?

The rapidly growing world of web development makes the professions of web developer and designer some of the most sought-after ones. From conceptualizing to constructing the website, there are plenty of critical tasks that web designers and web developers perform. These individuals need to possess technical and analytical skills and be creative in their approach. Both these professional fields offer high paying jobs to aspiring candidates.

Here we’ve listed some of the most important things about both these professions. Everything from the skillset required to excel in the world of web development and designing to the primary differences between these professional fields is mentioned below.

Differences Between Web designer and Web developer

What is Web Designing?

Web designing is a crucial step in the process of creating a website. It involves multiple important tasks like designing the aesthetics of the website. Everything from the structure of the website to its layout is determined during the web designing stage. This step holds a lot of significance as it involves designing the appearance of the website to ensure the ultimate user experience.

What is Web Development?

Web development is all about building a functional website. It is an important step in the website creation process. This can further be divided into two categories namely the front end and back end. Web development involves writing codes to bring the design to life. It focuses on the functional aspect of the website to ensure that it works efficiently and meets the client’s requirements.

Front-end Web Development – Front-end developers are experts in coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and are responsible for the way a website looks and how users interact with it. Also, they develop responsive websites that function efficiently on different devices. This category involves skills related to front-end frameworks, content management systems (CMS), and programming languages.

Back-end Web Development – This category focuses on the server-side of the website. Back-end developers are individuals who ensure the website functions optimally. They often use a slew of programming languages like PHP, Python, and Java. This is a tech-savvy line of work that involves taking proper measures to ensure the website is fast and runs smoothly on different browsers.

Web Design vs Web development

Web design and web development are two stages that involve a variety of tasks. Web designing revolves around the conceptualization of original ideas for the website. Meanwhile, web development involves breathing life into the concept to create a responsive, functional, fast, and attractive website that attracts visitors and helps the business grow.

Web Developer vs Web Designer

Both web developers and web designers need to possess a wide range of skills. While the web designer’s job may strike as the one that revolves around conceptualization and creation, there are a lot of technical aspects involved in this line of work. Similarly, though the web developer is not a graphic artist, he or she has to be both analytical and creative. Here we’ve stated some of the primary differences between the jobs of web developers and web designers.

Web developers are programmers who create a website from scratch by collaborating with web designers. These professionals are well versed in computer programming and graphic design. Popularly web developers are also referred to as front-end developers. They breathe life into the plan designed by the web designing team. Web developers build a functioning website by using computer programming and ensure that the outcome fits the client objectives.

To be an expert web developer, it is important for individuals to possess a combination of soft and hard skills. From being well versed in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript to having in-depth knowledge about different frameworks, there is a slew of skills that one must possess to thrive in the ever-so-competitive world of web development.

A web designer’s job is to make your website appear visually appealing, fresh, and unique. Also, it involves the conceptualization of the various designing elements of the website that helps keep the visitor interested and engaged. Web designers are required to possess a host of skills such as visual design, logo design, color palettes, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) design. The web designer’s job entails a myriad of tasks from picking the display colors, using graphics to using coding skills. It is a job that requires both, technical and creative skills.

Though both these professions are quite different from each other, in order to create a website, a web developer and web designer should always work together. Given the increasing competition in this field, it has become a necessity for both web developers and web designers to have a basic understanding of the different aspects involved in the process of website creation. Professionals who wish to thrive in these careers need to keep updating their skill set and stay abreast with the changing trends in the world of web development.

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