Web design agency Vs Freelancer – Why you need to choose a professional agency

Web design agency Vs Freelancer – Why you need to choose a professional agency

Stacy: Carl, I ain’t able to increase my sale. Can you help me in some way?

Carl: Ok, tell me your website and let me how I can help you.

Stacy: But I didn’t have one!

Carl: Really, I mean you really think you can survive in today’s market without a website? Come-on Stacy, I thought of you higher than that…

Stacy: So what should I do now?

Carl: Obviously, go out and get yourself a website!

To sum up the entire contextual dramatization, as a business owner, you are bound to maintain a strong web presence and that’s not a choice but an obligation.

While, the majority of businesses do actually maintain some sort of online presence, having a strongly designed website is one of the most crucial components.

So, where do you get the professional web design?

That’s one of the most pressing questions almost all businesses have. Now, if you aren’t a developer or designer yourself, you are left with two broad choices, either go for a professional web design firm to get the things done, or choose a freelancer to do the job for you.

Moving on, the first consideration for many businesses (specifically SMEs) is the budgetary constraints. They are hell bound to save-off any single penny they can out of all the business operations. That’s one reason why hiring a freelancer is an understandable choice for them. While, going with a freelance project definitely save some cost for them upfront, in the longer run, it can actually backfire (mainly due to technical glitches and limited scope of the freelancer). Contrarily, while going for a professional web design firm might seem an expensive investment upfront, in the long run there are many benefits to procure from the investment.

So, what’s the best option?

Ask me, and I will definitely go for a professional web design firm and I have my reasons for it. Continue to read on, as I list some pressing reasons why you should go with a professional agency and not with a freelancer:

A large pool of expertise

Let’s be very clear, website design and development isn’t a single process and while a person can certainly have the hands-on experience of accomplishing all tasks involved, there is no way he can match the expertise of specialists. This is particularly important today at the time when digital marketing is getting the really big thing and businesses need the perfect website (content, design, SEO) to ensure success in the longer run. By hiring a professional agency, you can be sure of getting services of experts of each field, with a definite work structure and an experience to deliver optimized and technically sound websites.

- A professional design

Out of the various components that make up the perfect website, designing is one of the most crucial element. Consider hundreds of similar business model running in the same market with the same target audience; how do you plan to stand out among those hundreds of businesses?

Well, one thing that lets you stand tall and firm on the ground is an astoundingly designed website with pleasant aesthetics.

- Web Maintenance support

Last but not least, website development isn’t a onetime work, rather you need continuous support and maintenance to ensure optimum functionality of the website. While you choose a professional web design firm, you aren’t just ensuring a technically sound website, but actually investing to ensure optimum performance of your website for all technical and scalability issues.

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Jack Smith is an experienced SEO and digital marketing professional who loves to write about everything digital. With over a decade of international experience in the industry, he is one of the leading Digital Marketing professionals in the UAE. Currently, he is the head of digital marketing at Digital Gravity – A top web design firm in UAE.

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