Ways To Insert Emojis Into E-Learning Courses

Ways To Insert Emojis Into E-Learning Courses

The small digital icons or images that are used for the expression of an emotion or idea in the electronic mode of communication are generally referred to as the emojis. These are generally the visual representation of an object, a symbol or an emotion. In the modern times, the emojis find usage in the commonly used communication apps. The emojis are generally used in order to communicate emotions across the various platforms and are generally found to be used in the informal communication among the peers. The emojis are generally used to add emphasis to the words that are conveyed through the messages. It is advisable to limit the use of the emojis to the casual and informal conversations and in case they are used in business communications the usage should be restricted to the minimal amounts.

The use of emojis was primarily started in Japan. The literal meaning of the word being picture character. These are generally used to put forth an emotional context in the messages that are conveyed. The emojis are generally the tiny graphics that are used to reinforce the points that have been mentioned in the material. These are also used to introduce an emotional context to the given material or to provide the concerned reader with a visual bookmark that might be referred to incase of any need for doing so.

The emojis generally tend to be ambiguous and might lead to the misunderstandings of all sorts. The misunderstanding might occur due to the fact that the appearance of the emojis change based on the various devices that are used to view them. The discussions on the emojis tend to revolve around the political and cultural correctness of the emojis. The user should be conscious of the gender, the skin tone and the cultural differences of the emojis that are being used. The recipient of the messages might be distracted from the messages if the emoji used is improper or incorrect.

In the modern times the emojis are also used for the e-learning purposes. There are several ways to insert emojis into e-learning courses. The usage of the emojis make it easier for the concerned reader to scan through the document for the information that they might need to access. These emojis help to provide a contrast to the mundane writing that comprises the majority of the concerned document. The composer of the concerned document is advised to take major care of the fact that the emoji that is being used is appropriate to the context in which it is being used. This might help the concerned assignment writer to avoid the miscommunication that may arise and yet convey the message that the writer wants to convey through the use of the same. The composers are advised to use an emoji that is closest to the idea that needs to be conveyed in cases where the perfect emoji is not available in the given interface. The emojis might also be used as bullet points in order to add to the visual interest in the content that is conveyed through the concerned document. This also helps in pointing out the various points that are included in the document.

The composers might at times need to be advised on the ways to search for and insert the most appropriate emojis within the concerned document. The three most simple and commonly used ways to insert emojis into e-learning courses are as follows:

  • Using the key board shortcuts.

The users who have been using the Windows software might add the emojis to the texts using he keyboard shortcuts which are activated by the simultaneous pressing of the windows key and the “.” Key. In case of Mac users, the control might be activated by the simultaneous pressing of the “control” key, the “command” key and the “space” key.

  • Using the onscreen windows keyboard

The users of the recent version of Windows 10 might have access to the onscreen windows keyboard which allows the concerned user to add emojis from the onscreen keyboard that is a part of the software.

  • Using the browser extension.

The functionality of the browsers varies from one to the other. The users who intend to add emojis to their documents might need to enable certain extensions for the purpose. The users might need to click on the dedicated icon and then search for the concerned emoji in order to insert the same in the document.

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