Ways To Gain Weight Through Yoga

Ways To Gain Weight Through Yoga

If you are also troubled by your leanness and have seen all the measures, yet your leanness is not going, then you will definitely find that the support of yoga will work, you must have noticed that lean skinny people are very much to gain weight Remain upset Even after several attempts, the results are not desired. Then yoga remains the best way to gain weight.

Yoga can increase weight without facing any side effects. Along with doing yoga, you should also eat nutritious foods. So that you get good results

Ways To Increase Weight By Yoga

Doing yoga early in the morning is beneficial. But if you are going to do yoga for the first time, then do yoga under the supervision of a Yogacharya.

Sarvangasana To Gain Weight

To increase weight quickly, do Sarvangasana Yoga. In this asana, the feet have to be raised on the ground, while the shoulders and neck remain down. By doing this, blood circulation in the body is good, food is digested properly and hunger increases.

Surya Namaskar To Gain Weight

Morning sun salutation brings energy to the body and keeps it fit. This yoga is very effective for weight gain. For Surya Namaskar, first of all, stand up straight and join both hands and come to the posture of salutation. Try to touch the feet with hands while bending the body slowly.

Return to the previous position. Now, with one leg back, take the other leg forward and bend the knee. Stay in this posture for a while.

Surya Namaskar has more effect on the shoulders and chest. All 12 postures of this yoga should be given 5-5 seconds in the room to increase weight.

This yoga is very easy. Lie straight on the ground. Close your eyes and leave your hands and feet loose. With this easy body gets to rest and weight also increases.

Bhujangasana To Gain Weight

Lie flat on your stomach. Keep your hands out. With your hands, raise your neck and chest slowly. This yoga is very beneficial for weight gain.

Matsyasana To gain weight

This yoga gives miraculous benefits to people suffering from the loss of appetite. The posture of this asana creates a fish-like shape, which is why it is called matsayasana. By doing this yoga, the intestines and muscles of the stomach are strengthened and the digestive power improves. Due to which hunger increases and we do not have any stomach disease

Headstand To Increase Weight

Girls who want to gain weight must do a headstand. This posture makes muscles strong and flexible. It keeps the digestive system active.

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