Waiting for Income Tax Refund ? You Can Now Place an Income TAx Refund Request

Waiting for Income Tax Refund ? You Can Now Place an Income TAx Refund Request

It is the government’s responsibility to make refunds on the excess tax paid by the taxpayer apart from the actual payable amount. This is generally the case when the advanced tax paid or TDS deducted is higher than the actual tax liability of the taxpayer. The taxpayer is eligible to claim refunds on such taxes which he gets from the government after approval.

Government after analyzing all the documents determines that the refund is payable to the taxpayer after which it approves the claim and sends a notification of approval in the form of SMS or email to the concerned taxpayer. The notification along with the grant of approval contains the amount which the government will release in his account as refunds. the intimation is sent to the taxpayer under section 143(1) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

To be noted: Refunds will be released in accounts that are pre-validated means the taxpayer has to ensure the status of his bank account.

Once the formalities are done from the taxpayer’s side, he needs to wait for notification from the tax department and if there is no message from the department then he can raise a service request on the e-filing portal. Before entering a request for refund re-issue on the e-filing website one must check the status of his pre-filed request on tin-nsdl (it should reflect refund rejected) or wait until the status of income tax refund request is reflected on e-filing portal.

In case if there is no response from the tax department related to the taxpayer’s refund request he is free to launch a complaint on the e-filing portal under the option e-Nivaran.

Steps to register a Refund Re-issue Request

  • Step-1. Visit the tax department’s 'e-Filing' Portal www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

  • Step-2. On the dashboard click ‘My Accounts’ and from the dropdown select ‘Service Request’ link.

  • Step-3. From ‘Request type’ select ‘New Request’ and from ‘Request Category’ select ‘Refund Reissue’. Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

  • Step-4. PAN, Return Type, Assessment Year (A.Y), Acknowledgement No, Communication Reference Number, Reason for Refund Failure and Response will appear automatically on the screen.

  • Step-5. Click ‘Submit’ visible under the ‘Response’ column, soon after that the list of all your pre-validated bank accounts along with status as validated and EVC enabled are visible.

  • Step-6. From the list of pre-validated bank accounts, choose the account in which you want the tax department to release the refunds. Information such as Bank Account Number, IFSC, Bank Name, and Account Type automatically appear on the screen which can be re-checked by the taxpayer.

To be noted: in case if there is no pre-validated bank account registered, then the taxpayer is directly taken to the 'Prevalidate bank account' page, where all relevant details of the bank account are asked for prevalidation. After filling the details, click on the 'Prevalidate' button to proceed with the request submission.

As soon as the process is complete the account is pre-validated by the concerned bank. This account will now be displayed under Pre-validated bank accounts' on the e-filing portal. By any chance, if the pre-validation process fails, then the same will be addressed to the taxpayer by the CPC. Now the taxpayer needs to re-submit the request for re-validation of a bank account.

  • Step-7. A popup appears on the screen. Click on OK if the information you added is correct. At the same time appears a dialogue box in which the option for e-verification is visible, select the appropriate e-verification mode. Generate and enter the Electronic Verification Code (EVC)/Aadhaar OTP as applicable to carry forward the request submission.

To be noted: If Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is registered in the profile, generate the signature file by downloading the 'DSC Management Utility' and upload the same for successfully completing the submission.

  • Step-8. The message for successful request submission is visible on the screen.

What to do to check the status of the refund re-issue request?

One must follow the below-given steps to confirm their refund re-issue status:

  • Step-1. Visit e-filing portal www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

  • Step-2. Click on ‘My Accounts’ ➣ ‘Service Request’. Then select ‘Request Type’ ➣ ‘View Request’ and finally the ‘Request Category’ as ‘Refund Reissue’.

  • Step-3. Click on Submit.

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