Understanding Necklace Pendant Meanings

Understanding Necklace Pendant Meanings

Wearing a jewelry can instantly glam up an outfit. When it comes to necklaces, people also wear it because of the many symbols and characters that are used to create pendants and charms. Pendants hold a deeper meaning without the use of words.

You can express your personality and somehow let others know the things you are interested in through pendants. Here are some of the most popular and unique pendant accessories you can choose from that expresses a worth close to your heart.


Elephant Turquoise Pendant

The elephant pendant is one of the most popular symbols of luck. Whether the pendant is made of metal, stones, or whatever material, it will bring a rich amount of luck to the wearer. To bring luck to the wearer, the trunk of the elephant must be pointing up. Elephant necklaces are a good idea as a gift if you are wishing the person good luck.


Sterling Silver Pearl Leaf Pendant

Pearl pendants symbolize purity, chastity, and humility. For women who want to be perceived as a polite and soft-spoken person, she must wear a small pearl pendant. Bigger ones are for women who have a bold and fearless personality. Pearls are versatile. Couples also wear it as a symbol of commitment to each other-- this gem has been a sign of lasting love. When it comes to fashion, pearls can either be paired with casual wear or with the most formal gowns.


Sterling Silver Leaf Inlaid Zircon Pendant

Trees and leaves have deep-rooted symbolic meanings in every culture on earth. A leaf pendant is somehow uncommon to wear unless you have a heart for Mother Nature. This pendant is very special and you would enjoy wearing a symbol from nature that celebrates change, a dream, or an achievement in life. This is a gift that you should reward to yourself.


Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace

The heart shape is the universal symbol of love, affection, compassion, and unity. Did you know that during the middle ages, it was meant to represent Jesus Christ and his love? It was until then that the heart became a general representation of love anywhere around the world. This is a great gift for someone you really love and cherish!


Eagle Pendant Stainless Steel Necklace

The native eagle is a symbol of great importance--it is known as the master of skies. The eagle is believed by many that it has the closest relationship with the creator. However, the eagle has various meanings but as a whole, it signifies peace, leadership, supreme status, and great strength. You can wear this if you feel like you want to soar high with no fear of achieving your dreams and aspirations in life.

Wolf Tooth

Wolf Tooth Pendant Stainless Steel Necklace

The wolf symbol has several misinterpretations as well as stereotypes. To some who are not aware of its true representation, they believe that it signifies ferocity and terror. But in the ancient time, the wolf has been accepted as a sign of strength, incredible loyalty, and leadership. This wild creature is a very generous protector of its family and has great intelligent planning hunting strategy. This is a perfect gift for your husband and even for men who display great loyalty and love for his family.


Rose Gold Plating Infinity Symbol Pendant Necklace

This has been the pendant that most couples like to wear as it obviously represents something that is eternal and will last forever. Infinity is the Greek symbol for never-ending. This kind of pendant should not only be given to your lover, but it can also be for your best friend or sibling to show that the bond you both have will last for eternity.

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