Turkey Visa For Indians

Turkey Visa For Indians

Turkey is a picturesque nation that has a perfect blend of culture and modernism. They have some of the best public infrastructure in the world and a good share of natural sights. Visiting Turkey for exploration and vacation requires a Turkey tourist visa for Indians. Obtaining a Turkish visa for Indians carries a long procedure with it. It is a country lying on the Eurasian Junction and its geography is special, The natural scenic beauty of Turkey is iconic and spending the leisure time in the cities feels just like other European states. Being a modern country that Turkey is, it has some of the best educational opportunities in the universities of Ankara and Istanbul. It has a historical significance to it as well. Turkey is a successor of the Ottoman Empire (middle eastern and European empire) there are numerous sites which hint back at the time where some of the most renowned historical events took place.

How to get a Turkey visa

It is a procedure that everyone needs to follow if they need a permit to enter turkey. Turkey visa requirements are as follows:

Documentation - is the most important aspect of getting a visa application approved, once you have your documents approved and all the accurate documents are provided without flaws, then the procedure is most likely to be completed, and you may receive your visa without too much of hassles.

Appropriately filled-up application form - Before checking your documents, immigration officials will look into your visa application, a decision is ultimately made on both the aspects but a sufficiently filled-up application increases the chances of getting your visa application accepted.

  • Filled and signed application form.

  • Photos as per the specifications.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Proof of funds such as bank statements.

  • Proof of purpose of visit as per the category of visa.

  • Proof of medical health.

Obtaining a Turkey visa for Indians is a long procedure, if followed correctly, it is easy to obtain:

The application can be made online on the web portal of the Turkish government or manually through the Turkish diplomatic missions in India, hiring a visa agency to do it for you will cut your hassles in half, you might not need to wait for completing every step of the procedure, they will do all the tough work for you and guide you to get the relevant documents. Visa agents are certified by embassies of numerous countries in India and they know the exact Turkey visa requirements.

If you want to complete the application and the procedure by yourself then you might need to follow certain steps, make sure you don’t miss out on any documents.

Procedure for Obtaining a Turkey visa for Indians

  1. Visit the website of the Turkish diplomatic mission in India.

  2. You can start by filling up an application form available on the website.

  3. If you are an eligible candidate for the Turkish e visa, you will be redirected to the relevant website. Else, you can proceed with the application form.

  4. Note the reference number you receive on your registered email.

  5. Proceed to book an appointment at the embassy or a consulate.

  6. Download the application form and fill it manually.

  7. Attend the appointment. Carry the duly signed application form, documents, and fees.

  8. Submit the application and pay the visa fees at the mission.

Personal interview - You may be asked to be in a personal interview with an official at the Turkish Embassy, they ask questions about the purpose of your visit, and what are you going to do in leisure, if you answer all of these questions honestly and appropriately, you will increase your visa obtaining chances.

Previous visa record - A lot of applications at the embassies and consulates get rejected because of previous track records - If you applied for a visa earlier and your application was rejected then they may question about the reason for rejection, and if the issue has been resolved or not, so its better take precaution and keep your visa track record flawless.

Points to remember

Now that you know Turkey visa requirements, and the procedure to apply for a Turkey visa, you need to keep some things in mind while obtaining a Turkey visa for Indians:

  • You need to figure out what type of visa you require.

  • If it is a Turkey tourist visa for Indians, then you cannot take part in employment activities.

  • The processing time for the Turkish visa is normally around 12 working days. However, this can vary based on multiple factors.

  • You can extend the Turkish visa only in certain limited cases. If you have a good reason to extend your permit.

  • If you overstay your visa duration then you might be seen as an illegal migrant in Turkey.

  • The procedure must be commenced long before the intended date of travel.

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