Top iOS app development trends in 2018

Top iOS app development trends in 2018

The future of iOS app development is definitely turning out to be a dramatic one. Here are the top iOS app development trends in 2018 that will guide you to a new start. In the very recent past it was considered really easy to create user interface for iOS apps. This was the trend till iPhone 5 where developers had to work with one phone size and one tablet size. With the introduction of iPhone 5 app development took a new turn (added work was put into the kitty of iOS development professionals) with the main app making philosophy remaining the same. Soon iPhone 6 along with iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro a single point layout reference was no more possible. Apple came out with auto layout and size classes to resolve this problem. No matter how powerful the platform grown development would stand tall on the two above mentioned development aspects. With more than 46.67 million iPhone being already shipped by the end of 2017 there are quite obviously user engaging and conversion strategies being implemented by Apple. Attractive apps and performance oriented iOS app development drives are fast being taken up. Here is a list of the top iOS app development trends that you need to look for in 2018.

'Swifter' Codes in Demand

Swift is fast becoming a popular iOS coding language that in all probability will topple Objective – C (as predicted by industry analysts and experts). Apple came up with this inhouse language to simplify coding processes. Swift has been a very popular language introduced by Apple in 2015. Stable apps were built on properly structured documentations and clear syntaxes.

iOS developers found it more comfortable than objective C. Swift develops smoothly across all platforms - iOS, watchOS, and tvOS and improves user experience (UX) by providing stability. Swift 4 is an advanced version and apps created on this version of Swift will consume lesser memory than its previous versions and Objective C.

Swift has been found good for advanced iOS app building as well which makes it inevitable to take the top spot in the iOS app market.

Augmented Reality

iOS 11 was launched with numerous new age features but the most popular update that it came with was its support for AR (augmented reality) apps. Amazon introduced Sumerian application platform that worked in line with Apple’s ARKit framework allowing iOS application developers create AR-based, VR and 3D based apps for iPhone devices and iPad.

Several leading companies have come forward in implementing latest development strategies and infrastructures that promote VR (virtual reality) and AR app development. 2018 surely promises to witness more number of AR based iOS apps.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay ensures a secure, private and easy payment framework in your iOS apps, Safari, watchOS apps and websites. Users can choose to make purchases within the app. Developers find this program an easier choice for payment modes.

Apple had found this app giving the company its much required accelerated growth. This interface uses EMV Payment Tokenisation Specification that replaces debit and credit cards with a tokenized Device Account Number (DAN).

It has been accepted globally. Apple had partnered with Visa, American Express and Mastercard and brought out Apple Pay in 2013. With numerous updates and inclusions over the years 2018 will surely see Apple Pay being approved by top notch banking companies for ease-of-use enablement.

Core Machine Learning

Apple has already implemented advanced machine learning concepts like Core ML in many of its products such as Siri, Camera and QuickType. iOS developers are presently working persistently to find new ways of exploring and implementing machine learning capabilities in iOS apps. Few line of additional codes would help the iOS developers achieve new feats.

There are 3 libraries and computer vision techniques within Core ML that are capable of AI game development, face detection and processing of natural languages. There are added functionalities in face detection that can be utilised by developers for extended frameworks. Core ML is apt in making advanced games.

2018 promises (with additional inputs in Core ML) to help iOS app developers to create more interactive and smarter apps.

File Management

Developers have found iOS 11 to be an extremely exciting platform for development. 'Files' is known as a popular file management app that lets app users easily create and manage files on cloud.

A single dashboard for multiple files will let you access and handle all apps from one location. Whether you have videos, presentations or images Files app will let you manage and access all of them from single location (on the dashboard).

Apple HomeKit

Apple had developed the framework to help bring forward home automation. Developers have found Apple HomeKit as an interesting developmental framework where Siri can be implemented for commands in iPhone and other Apple devices.

Developers are reportedly in a constant quest to introduce some noteworthy HomeKit based home automation apps in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence & Contextual Learning for Siri

Siri is known to mostly everyone using iPhone devices. However, with the growth and extent of artificial intelligence and contextual learning there has been additional features in Siri that comes with a GPS pin required during sending texts. Latest Siri works as a very good task manager that will allow you to access your city mobile app along with a QR a code for WeChat. Soon Siri's AI will be a top trending thing in the upcoming months of 2018.

New trends have already affected the growth and extent of the iOS app development ecosystem. There are ongoing iOS app development projects taking place. With iPhone 8 and iPhone X already launched by Apple there are numerous updates and possible launches to come up in 2018.

There are speculations of Apple to come up with brand new layout systems that will be easy to learn and powerful in attaining desired UX and UI functionalities. iPad Pro will also change the iOS development ecosystem. You must stay ahead in the highly competitive world of iOS app development which will require more investment, enhanced planning and execution of app ideas. There are developer communities inside and outside Apple which can surely help you in your quest.

Allow your world to open up as 2018 has a lot to give with great many iOS offerings and trends.

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