Top Fitness Fallacies You Should Stop Believing

Top Fitness Fallacies You Should Stop Believing

Top Fitness Fallacies You Should Stop Believing

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A lot of people who are just starting in the fitness world have these different misconceptions that they believe. Some would tend to underestimate a certain workout routine and some would think that certain foods are not good for them even if they do a lot of good things in the body. To tell you frankly, people have different opinions about certain things and while doing research can be beneficial to you, you should still know what really works for you and not just rely on what you hear or read.

There are a lot of uncertainties in the world of fitness and it’s time for these things to be clear and precise. If you want to know more, continue reading below:


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Carbs are not harmful and it’s actually not as bad as what people think. Sure it can be one of the reasons why you’re getting fat but you should still not take it out from your system as it is still one of our sources of energy that is why it is indeed important to not go on a day without eating carbs.


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This ain’t healthy and good for you. Sure, you will lose weight on the first few days of your journey but you will only end up binge eating afterwards because you deprived yourself of the usual amount of food you are eating. In order to lose weight, you should just portion your food and exercise daily in order to get fit.


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A lot of girls fear the idea of lifting weights because they don’t want to get big surprise. The truth is that you won’t get bulky arms that quickly so you really don’t have to fear lifting weights. In fact, lifting weights could actually help you burn the fats of your arms so that you will be able to achieve the impressive figure you’ve always wanted.


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Yes, this is somehow true but it doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise at your desired time. Remember, we all have different jobs to endure and one can only workout on their available and free time that is why exercising only during daytime is a myth as exercising during nighttime can also give you a lot of benefits!


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A lot of people have been saying that kettlebells are bad for everyone especially for beginners. At some point, yes it can be dangerous if you don’t use it properly but saying it’s not effective and efficient to lose weight is not true. Kettlebell exercises have helped a lot of people reach their ideal weight. You just have to be dedicated enough to push through and you must learn how to use it properly in order for you succeed.

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