Top Benefits of Promotional Personalized Pens in Australia

Top Benefits of Promotional Personalized Pens in Australia

The use of promotional gift products has been a popular advertising method in recent times. Among these, the most loved and effective product is the pen. Logo or personalized pens Australia are useful, simple, and effective, and the most versatile promotional products ever.

The reason is that pens are used frequently and can be carried anywhere due to their small size. In case the pen is used openly, the brand name that is etched on them offers much exposure for the business and enhances brand awareness.

Like personalized tote bags or outfits like jackets, shirts, and caps, promotional pens are highly functional. Most people use pens multiple times a day, so being presented with a new pen is always appreciated.

Promotional pens with the logo and name of the brand have been much popular as an advertising gimmick. Hand a pen to a person, and he will use it for several objectives. Thus, each time he uses the pen, he will view the brand name. Promotional pens are a tried and tested, cost-effective and cheap formula for awareness campaigns for brand marketing.

Following are some notable benefits of promotional pens:

  • Highly useful

Without a doubt, the pens are very useful. Studies report that an average pen has 7 different users. Many people borrow and do not return pens. This implies that many people are able to view the brand name imprinted on pens, making them great freebies.

  • Affordability

Getting promotional pens made will not dent the company in terms of much expense, financially. They are very inexpensive and so easy to hand out to many people. Pens cost only a few cents and, as such, are pretty obvious as popular and feasible give-aways.

  • Free advertising

Pens keep going places because they are often borrowed. One has no idea where they will end up. It is free advertising for the business, even in places where they have not been targeted.

  • Variety

Depending on your marketing requirements, pens are available in various styles. There are many choices, from simple plastic pens to expensive metallic ones. Pens come in varying sizes, shapes, and colours or may even adhere to a theme.

  • Easy recall

The logo and name of the brand will be imprinted on personalized promotional pens. The person who will be exposed to both features every time she uses the pen. Some are even curious about the brand message and will keep a lookout for the pens. As opposed to business cards, a pen will seldom be discarded into a bin.

  • Low CPI

Pens are low cost and can be easily handed out as promotional gifts. They have a low cost per impression (CPI) for the brand and its advertising dollar.

Types of promotional pens in the market

The following are some of the kinds of promotional personalized pens Australia:

  • Novelty pens

Such pens are relatively inexpensive. They come in varying colours and shapes. They are affordable and have additional features. An example is the novelty pen featuring a bottle opener on top. Some pens even feature measuring tapes and carabineers. Such features of pens attract much attention and popularity.

  • Metal pens

Such pens are made of metal and look classy and chic. They come in a wide range of prices. There is one to suit the pocket of everyone. They can be imprinted with the laser. Metal pens engraved with the brand name appear much attractive. The expensive ones can be presented as gifts to special clients. The cost-effective ones can be distributed at events like trade shows.

  • Prodir pens

Such pens symbolize low price, functionality, and dynamism. Such factors render them as ideal promotional items. They are stylish as well as of excellent quality. They have a shiny finish and come enclosed in attractive cases. Therefore, if one needs a pen that is both stylish as well as inexpensive, these pens are the best solution.

  • Quill pens

These pens are particularly popular in the UK. They are designed attractively so that they provide an advantage over competitors. They are both classy looking and of good quality. Their elegant design makes them highly popular as promotional gifts. Such pens provide good value for money since they belong to a distinct class and will be noticed by most people. The pen offers much brand exposure.

  • Senator pens

These pens are synonymous with high quality. Every single pen is crafted to match exacting standards with care. Such pens must be imprinted with inks of high quality. In case one is using the pen only for brand promotion, one must seek the services of a professional imprinting company because imprinting of poor quality will spoil the good looks of the pen. Such pens will capture the attention of all when they are used.

  • Parker pens

Such pens are highly popular and symbolize status and class. Anyone who receives them will surely use them. This makes them ideal as promotional gifts. The more times they are used, the more they are able to spread the message about one’s brand.

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