Top 5 restaurants in Thailand

Top 5 restaurants in Thailand

Thailand is the home for tons of spices and delicious food cuisines which can’t be seen elsewhere across the globe. If you are visiting Thailand, then you should try the extreme street food delicacy that will surely blow your mind starting from the uniqueness to the delicious taste.

1. Blue Elephant: - If you visit Bangkok or scroll through the Bangkok specialties on the Internet then Blue Elephant would probably be a familiar name to you. It is the most popular and most preferred restaurant with several branches across many major cities around the world.

Thai food of past, present, and future is served here with a wide variety of wines and meals as well. Even the dessert platter is the best of sweet treats in Thailand. If you are visiting Thailand, then a meal or dinner in this restaurant anywhere in Bangkok or other cities can complement your taste buds perfectly.

2. Cafe des Amis: - If you are looking for the best dining experience in Thailand then Cafe Des Amis in Pattaya will surely surpass your expectations with its magic of environment to the extreme Thai food delicacy. Built like a Thai-Balinese House this restaurant features artwork all over the wall around the tables complementing with the soothing music.

All kinds of Thai dishes are served here accompanied by the popular Italian, French, and seafood meals as well. Furthermore, drinks and dessert in this restaurant are also one of the most preferred have all kinds of varieties that most customers find compelling.

3. Goji Kitchen & Bar: - Thailand is all about a unique food that is complemented with enough spices that make it best for all kinds of taste buds. Goji Kitchen and Bar is one such restaurant that will make your taste bud feel some unique yet delicious Thai dishes that will surely blow your mind.

The largest Hotel in Bangkok i.e. Marriot Marquis Queen’s Park features this restaurant with the most appealing dishes ever. With the huge venue that holds over 250 seats, the restaurant serves almost all popular international cuisines which include Japanese, Italian, Korean and Chinese etc.

4. Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant: - If you are a vegetarian and looking for the best restaurant that can serve you one of the best veg Thai dishes then Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant in Chiang Mai can be the best option. Not only Thai food, but this restaurant also serves the best veg international cuisine that you will surely love. The ultimate flavor of curries and tons of variety in Thai dishes are preferred by almost all food lovers appreciating each and every aspect of the menu. In order to promote the organic level and authenticity of the country’s own dishes, the use of local spices is made in every dish.

5. David’s Kitchen: - David’s Kitchen in Chiang Mai is one of the best if not the second and is the top-rated ones in Thailand with stunning Thai dishes and curries that most people are completely fond of. The top-rated serving with the award-winning menu comprising of all international dishes such as French, Thai, European and also fusion ones makes it the must-visit for all food lovers.

The daily three-course menu of this restaurant is also the most preferred one that changes regularly. With the incredible menu with the delicious dishes, the environment of this restaurant is also the best and customer friendly with the friendliest and inviting staff to complement your dining experience more details visit thailand tour packages.

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