Top 5 PBSAs that Ensure Public Transport Connectivity in Birmingham

Top 5 PBSAs that Ensure Public Transport Connectivity in Birmingham

Every year Birmingham is witness to a large number of university enrollments with students staying in affordable and comfortable living spaces designed with student needs in mind. According to Knight Frank estimates, “The year 2019 was witness to great developments to meet the demand of 29,000 new beds in the UK alone, thereby, increasing the market value of PBSAs to £53bn. As a result of this demand and the ability to reach the milestone, has shown a rise of around 10% of first-year students who stay in private purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). Rental growth has also shown a rising trend with an increase of 2.26% for the 2018/19 and plans the same for the consecutive following years.”

These numbers can definitely change the course of events and continue with the increase in the demand for PBSAs. It will eventually help in keeping up with the rising trend and students can choose to live independently in a private apartment, studio or share living spaces. The student accommodation Birmingham offers great transport links. Here are the top 4 PBSAs offering public transport accessibility to students.

Bentley House

This PBSA is close to most prestigious universities and also has excellent transport connectivity. The Midlands International College is just 18-minutes and since the subway station is close to the property, commuting to university has become less hassled. The best-rated restaurants can also be visited by taking easy modes of transport, even between lectures.

The Metalworks

The Metalworks PBSA has a fantastic location which is close to a popular university and, therefore, is very advantageous for students pursuing higher degree courses. The accommodation is just 2-minutes’ walk away to reach the campus of the University of Birmingham. With excellent transport links, the accommodation has two train stations within ten minutes of walk from this student accommodation. The city center, which is the focal point of all the action taking place, can be reached via local bus or train routes. The city center which is always bustling with exciting nightlife also connects to the international airport, making it easy for international students to travel to their hometown.

Belgrave View

This is a student accommodation and a very popular PBSA which is located just a few minutes’ walks away from the city centre, thereby, enabling students to get everything they need. The best part is that accommodation is situated near the city center for students to grab opportunities to explore your surroundings and also very close to the Belgrave Interchange with connection to Lee Bank Middleway and Pershore Road.

Londonderry House PBSA

This a student dwelling which is well-connected to the entire city with bus stops situated just outside the accommodation building. The National Rail links are also nearby making it extremely convenient to travel across the city and explore it and spot what best the city has to offer. Such great connectivity help plan weekend outings in a moment’s notice.

The aforementioned points are the things that matter, with details that will help students to opt the best from the top 5 student accommodation Birmingham.

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