Top 5 center for infertility in North India

Top 5 center for infertility in North India

There is no denying the fact that infertility is an increasing concern of the modern generation. It is not only restricted to India but to various parts of the world as well. Couples are unable to conceive due to some issues related to their reproductive system. It is seen in both males and females, with the latter having a major predilection. The problem can range from improper attributes of the sperm and ova to any obstruction in the path of transport of them.

However, medical science has also proven to be capable enough to fight against infertility. New techniques have been advocated, which has rendered the problem to be almost completely treatable. You will be amazed by the number of options available these days for the treatment of infertility. A major decision in this aspect is to decide which fertility center is good enough to address this growing concern. It is imperative that a list of the best infertility center in North India is made, and this article intends to do the same.

Rana Fertility Centre

If you are looking for an excellent clinic for IVF in Ludhiana, you do not have to go much further than the Rana Fertility Centre. It is a women-centric center that addresses both male and female problems with equal aplomb. Located in one of the best places in Ludhiana, this hospital has been accredited by NABH as well. Thousands of patients get various treatments for infertility from Rana Fertility Centre, and the high success rate is enough proof of its popularity. Experienced doctors play a vital role in it, reaching the top echelon as it continues to provide excellent services.

Fertile Solutions IVF and Research Centre

If there is one fertility center that practices the latest techniques advocated in medical science, it is this Delhi-based clinic called Fertile Solutions. IVF, Blastocyst culture, as well as transfer, Laser-assisted hatching, you name it, and this clinic has it. The high success rate also speaks volumes about it.

Star Fertility- Test Tube Baby Centre

They say that a hospital is as good as it's doctors. The Star Fertility Centre is an epitome of this statement. Dr. Mandeep Kaur, who is considered to be a pioneer in the field of fertility, has gained a lot of popularity because of the way she handles her patients and the treatment she provides. If you ask someone about the best Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab, the chances are high that you will be referred here.

Benison IVF and Health Care Unit

This fertility center is based in Dwarka in Delhi and is known for not only the quality of treatment that it provides but also the patient after-care, which is equally important. All the modern methods of fertility are followed with aplomb here, under the supervision of the best doctors in India.

International Fertility Centre

This fertility center consists of a chain of 10 clinics in India and Nepal and is led by the very enigmatic, Dr. Rita Bakshi. She and her team make sure that you can communicate with them without any hesitation and then take care of the problems related to infertility in the best possible manner.

These are the top 5 infertility centers in North India. You can either use their services if required or refer them to someone in need.

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