Top 12 Best Food for Healthy and Graceful Skin

Top 12 Best Food for Healthy and Graceful Skin

Nothing feels better than a good and healthy skin. The beautiful feeling of applying moisturizer on the exposed skin and boasting around with great confidence is a distant dream for almost all of us. Most of the time we struggle to keep our skin healthy due to heavy pollution in the city, unhealthy lifestyle and growing age. Although getting glowing skin does not require much effort that it seems like. You will find many people who have come up with the reasoning that only luxurious skincare products and great genes can provide you with flawless and perfect skin. If you have encountered any such person, then kindly ignore them.

The reality is that genes play only ten per cent of the part when it is about your skin and the rest of ninety per cent is depended upon the outer factors like your way of living and exposure of with the sun. Apart from focusing on the skincare treatment, what you add in your diet is also an important factor. Generally, dermatologists don't stress enough upon the significance of an excellent diet. Your eating habit reflects on your skin. Hence it is important to make a wise and healthy choice if you like to have stunning skin.

Here are the few tips that one should opt for and every leading dermatologist recommend getting the perfect and gorgeous skin:

Reduced Intake of Sugar

Along with the usage of organic skincare product, you should try to cut down sugar completely from your diet. One should try to replace the sugary foods and add natural sugar which is found in maple syrup, honey and fruits. Also, replace your tropical fruits with fresh moderation fruits.

More of Green Vegetables

One of the best options for your skin is the increased involvement of green vegetables which can also be in the form of green juice. Also adding all colour vegetables in your daily meal will suffice the purpose.

Introduce Turmeric

It is said, spices add up the flavour in your dish. Similar to this if you bring turmeric/haldi in your diet, your skin will also get the flavor of perfection.

Water for hydration

To get the glowing skin, consumption of water should be increased so that your body will remain hydrated and toxins may flush out.

No to Processed Food

Usage of an organic skincare product is not solely enough to get beautiful skin. It is wiser to leave behind crash diets and highly processed eatables as this might result in dull skin.

Yes to Nutrients

Never forget that protein and carbohydrate plays a vital role in your skin recovery. Thus healthy dosage of these nutrients should be added in your diet.

Below mentioned is the list of best food items for healthy skin:

Green Tea:

It is the finest source of anti-oxidant (Polyphenols). It also helps in improving the texture of your skin and lighten the complexion.


This is a good source of Carotenoid, also known as Astaxanthin and Omega-three fatty acids. Salmon may prove wonderful for your skin as it improves the elasticity of the skin and helps in reducing fine lines.


The best source of Biotin and boosts hydration in the people with dry skin. It also helps in preventing brittle hairs and nails.


One of the premium supplier of anti-oxidant, named Lycopene. It helps in preventing your skin from damage that may cause while being in direct exposure with sun and protect your skin from the free radicals.


This fruit is the quality source of anti-oxidants promoting collagen production. Pomegranate not only works as the antioxidant but also helps in improving immunity, reducing cholesterol and enhancing proper blood circulation.


As we all know, eggs are the supreme source of protein. This food item not only protects your skin cells but also repair them any prevents dryness.


This dry fruit is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in smoothening your skin and make it more youthful and radiant.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil works as an antioxidant and a great source of fatty acids (Monounsaturated). Due to the presence of fatty acids, this oil gives a youthful push to your skin. The present anti-oxidants feature helps in protecting your skin from any free radical.


Beans are again the good source of protein. Thus helps in repairing skin cells and regeneration of collagen.

Dark chocolate:

This chocolate contains cocoa flavanols, rich in anti-oxidant properties. Dark chocolate improves circulation and only the consumption of 28 grams per week is enough to harvest the benefits.

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