Top 10 Scholarship Programs in China for 2019

Top 10 Scholarship Programs in China for 2019

Are you ready to explore China? Then, pack your bags and let’s go, to explore the China’s best universities. But what about expenses, travelling fees and tuition fee are you dreaming of studying abroad.

Not just that, there are many who live in China but could not afford these expenses or the one who is waiting for such merit based scholarships can avail it through these list.

Watch out your suitable scholarship programs that are available in 2019.

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10 scholarship program set in China for 2019. 2

1. MBA Scholarship program for international students. 2

Cheung Kong Graduate School Program.. 2

2. Hubei Provincial scholarship program for all nationalities. 3

3. Harbin institute of technology scholarship program.. 3

HIT independent recruitment program.. 3

4. Shandong provincial government scholarship program.. 3

5. Chinese government scholarship-silk road program.. 4

Chongqing University scholarship program.. 4

6. Postal degree program.. 4

KIAA Peking University Boya Program.. 4

7. Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarships Program.. 5

Jiamusi University program.. 5

8. Tianjin University program for non-Chinese. 5

9. Nankai University Undergraduate and Master Program.. 5

10. Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University. 5

10 scholarship program set in China for 2019

If you have decided your study trip to China then is at ease as China is providing opportunity for many international students and the one living in China. These scholarships are of multiple type such as fully granted, partially granted and fully sponsorship programs for international students. Not only that you might be lucky enough to get to offer 243 sponsorship programs moreover Chinese Government related scholarships such as provisional and federal funded scholarships under the supervision of CGC scholarship.

1.MBA Scholarship program for international students

Cheung Kong Graduate School Program

Do you have plans to pursue MBA then, why not try Cheung Kong Graduate School Program. They are offering full scholarship just for international kids. This philanthropy scholarship program is assist by CKGCP where they have supervise and allotted this opportunity just to help international students experience standard education.

Being a part of this institute a student would be refined to a business leader and visionary global education. A student may get into may get into connections with Alumni’s are incomparable so, next time you meet An Alumni you will have a clear opportunity to get interacted with top entrepreneurs and top companies.

2.Hubei Provincial scholarship program for all nationalities

Did you select the specific field of your choice then what you are waiting for grab the tickets to China. As Hubei scholarship falls in the given criteria of yours. What kind of degree program you must go for Bachelors, Masters or PHD level there are seats available for grant.

The grant will be divided into five groups which are as follows,

  • Undergraduate scholarships (10,000 RBM per year)
  • Graduate scholarships (15000 RMB per year)
  • Doctorate scholarships (20,000 RMB per year)
  • General scholar scholarship (5000 per month, or 10,000 per year)
  • Advance scholar scholarship (10,000 per month, or 20,000 per year)

Hubei is the platform for international students who want to explore talent cultivation, social service programs and connections with other culture.

3.Harbin institute of technology scholarship program

HIT independent recruitment program

Are you having trouble in expenses abroad, and then why not reach out for government scholarship program for international students. In 2019, your tuition fees, accommodation fees and insurance fees are in the hand of HIT program. HIT has proven to be well oriented educational institute, as their studies are based on research oriented solutions and has been the leading university in science and engineering.

4.Shandong provincial government scholarship program

You can make your study journey more realistic through Shandong scholarship program which provide you with stipend and many other benefits you name it.

There are various categories of scholarship programs provided to international students and give criteria of benefits different accordingly. Full tuition fees opportunity can be avail through Shandong scholarship for all the PHD’s, bachelors and Master level students.

Moreover, having problems in living expenses and where will you reside the winners will be awarded to such a big opportunity. Medical facilities and monthly stipend is responsible on behalf of government scholarship and provincial scholarship respectively.

5.Chinese government scholarship-silk road program

Chongqing University scholarship program

The students who are located at belt and road countries can avail this big opportunity as an international students.

Students who decided to major in engineering program need technical background knowledge and standardised educational environment that is been provided by Chongqing University. The university assignment help based writers holds Chongqing degree with having experience writing experience more than 3 years.

6.Postal degree program

KIAA Peking University Boya Program

Whoever wants to have a PHD degree can avail this offer to hold on research conducted for any branches of learning such as applied science, social science, engineering and education.

The scholarship given to these students can be tension free from annual salary, insurances and housing fees these all facilities are within the 24 consecutive months.

The successful candidate is selected with the academic excellence and most qualified researcher who have received the PHD prior to the more than three years period time.

7.Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarships Program

Jiamusi University program

A well-established education standard is ranked the most multi-disciplinary University of China. An international student can avail this opportunity for many purposes such as scholarship for all degree programs such as post graduate degree, graduate and doctoral programs are all available. Talking about burden flushed out from the students head are fees of registration and tuition, practical training material, health and insurance.

8.Tianjin University program for non-Chinese

Non-Chinese students who desire to study in China may add this on the list of University scholarship program. Students who want to study the courses in English has to submit a copy of their TOEFL certificate (the score 80 or above) or IELTS (score 6.0 or above) to show there English language skills.

Moreover, they give you partial and full scholarship opportunities such as tuition fees, allowance for accommodation.

9.Nankai University Undergraduate and Master Program

The University provides Master to undergraduate programs for students who have different nationalities. Most importantly they are awarded scholarships on the basis of English level proficiency and for any subject area you are interested in.

The amount given to successful scholarship applicants for undergraduate is 10,000 year and Master level program 15000 year. What are you waiting for just go for it.

10.Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University

Are you interested in Global Affairs or public policies, economic or international studies then you are perfect for this University. The scholarship offers can be avail before September 26 2019. Do not miss out the deadline. Up to 200 students comes from 45% United States and 20% from china and 35% from the worldwide. The assignment writing service every year gives their employees opportunity to study abroad.

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