Top 10 Mobile App Advertising & Monetization Networks

Top 10 Mobile App Advertising & Monetization Networks

Today, advertising within the applications is one of the most preferred ways of promoting the products. It allows you to reach a wider audience, including mobile users. If we talk about monetizing an application, many developers choose to offer their app for free and make money through advertising. Since most of the Smartphone users do not prefer to pay for the apps, therefore, to get more downloads, many developers use other ways of making cash via mobile apps than a mere price tag.

Mobile app advertising has not been doing well recently, or in fact, the past few years. Due to low revenues in monetizing apps, many businesses have been facing issues in turning profits. As it is usually said that there is always a solution for every problem, here also there is an optimal solution. You can take the assistance of prominent advertising networks. They offer various monetization models that can help app developers maximize their returns.

While AdMob remains one of the biggest advertising networks, there are a lot more advertising platforms that are growing rapidly and offer ultimate solutions for maximum revenue generation. To make it easier for you to select a better network, we analyze the available networks and create a list of the best ones. Below-mentioned are the top advertising networks that provide innovative app advertising models, detailed analytics and flexible monetization aspects to boost your ROI strategically.


AdMob, popularly called Google’s child, should be the first priority of app developers when it comes to advertising and monetization of their app. AdMob’s integration system is what makes it a really worthy advertising network. It helps users connect across prominent platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. With the strong coding techniques of Google, its SDK enables you to choose from numerous advertising formats, including interstitial ads, standardized banner ads, custom search ads and interactive ads for tablets and mobile devices. Integration is also easy with this platform as the documentation is clear and complete for the best practices. It enables publishers to set the ‘refresh rate’ on their advertising units. This eventually results an increase in number of ads displayed and better monetization.


Engage your users easily by delivering optimal video experiences across varied mobile devices. Users engaged through these advertisements are likely to have more brand loyalty. It promises optimization of video campaigns with more precision and reduced ad costs and wastage. It leverages advanced ad formats and rich targeting to generate quality leads and high returns on the ad spends.


Smaato is a leading advertising platform for app developers and mobile publishers. It is the one of the world’s biggest mobile ad networks with unparalleled global reach. It provides publishers and mobile app developers with immediate monetization and higher eCPMs. Versatile network support describes Smaato in the best way. You will have remarkable support for almost all the platforms such as Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, Android, iOS and Samsung Bada. No matter what type of ad you want, Smaato has a solution in the form of a unique and creative ad format.


Rich advertisement format acts like a backbone of MoPub. Banners, interstitial ads, ORMMArich media ads, landing ads, HTML5 Ads, static images, expand ads and videos are readily available for the app developers to play with their ads. MoPub is not just limited to ad formats. It also drives revenue through MoPub Marketplace, which enables bidders to set the prices for the ad impressions when they are available and leverage the data in order to optimize their bids. This often results in precise advertisement targeting, which drives far better ROI for both the parties.


Originated in India, inMobi is an eminent advertising platform, which has proved its eminence throughout the globe. The statistics shows that it has touched 93.4 billion impressions across 165 countries with nearly 578 users. This makes inMobi a great choice for app developers to get maximum successful monetization.


More than 10,000 publishers have been using this advertising marketplace to earn 300% more ROI from their mobile applications. MobFox gives you complete control over the ads displayed in your device. With the remarkable eCPM control feature, one can set the minimum CPM/CPC floor limit at the desired price.


With the performance creative initiative of Airpush, mobile advertisers can access, media buying, custom design as well as real-time campaign optimization. It evolves throughout the campaign’s life, eventually increasing the overall performance while reducing the media and design buying costs. It’s a self-serve advertising network, which allows clients to buy inventory from the Airpush ad network and other popular RTB exchanges through a single interface.

Millennial Media

Being a pioneer in mobile app advertising, Millennial Media knows the strategies of doing business and therefore, offers great deals to the developers from top mobile gaming brands to indie teams. Fabulous publishing and advertising features make it a fully-functional self-service platform to promote apps.


Byyd takes care about the integration as well as the performance of your ad while promising 95% average fill rates on Android and iOS. To achieve optimal performance, they work with the big brands such as BBS, ESPN, Amazon Kindle and Samsung and show their campaigns in the mobile app. It supports mediation to increase the fill rate and maximize your revenue.


Get ready to thrive in the new app market with Flurry. It helps you generate more revenue with the largest app data set, gathered from over 700 million tablets and smart phones. Flurry is renowned for its remarkable analytics power.

If you are seeking a simple yet effective solution for non-intrusive ads and want to make some revenue, AdMob is a great platform to go with. However, if you want to monetize faster and wish to serve high impact advertisements, Millennial Media can be a better solution. Choose the ad network that works the best for mobile app and create a unique experience while maximizing app monetization.

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