Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is bad no matter at which stage of life it strikes. Your dental structure is always in danger when one of your teeth has started decaying. This almost always leads to premature tooth loss and dental decay with risks to your smile and facial charms. The good news however is, you can prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth, gums and mouth in a healthy state. When tooth decay happens, it causes the destruction of tooth structure, affecting both the enamel and the dentin of the tooth. It does cause harm to not only the outer coating of the tooth but also to the inner layer.

Further, tooth decay is something entirely preventable if you eat right and take care with your food choices. It mostly occurs with sugary and starchy foods, so you can cut back on the intake of carbohydrates and minimize the risk of decay of your teeth. More importantly, you should eat less of food items like breads, candy, soda, fizzy drink, coffee, tea, cereals, milk and fruits etc. as they can be left on the teeth to increase the risk of tooth decay. These foods can get digested by the bacteria living in the mouth causing and this leads to acids in the mouth.

The acid this formed can combine with food debris, saliva and bacteria to form plaque – a white substance – which often remain stuck to the teeth. The plaque, if not cleaned timely and properly, can convert into tartar, which is even harder to remove naturally at home. The acids in plaque can eat away at the enamel and create holes in the teeth, which we know as cavities. Even if you have cavities, this should not be a reason to worry as you can prevent them from causing more harms by adopting good oral care practices and better food choices.

To prevent tooth decay, you must brush twice a day using a fluoride-containing toothpaste with a focus on cleaning gently and thoroughly. If possible, you should brush after each meal to prevent formation of plaque, or to stop food debris from sticking to your teeth. Right after brushing, clean between the teeth using dental floss to take out food particles, plaque or bacteria stuck between the teeth. It’s also recommended to use a fluoride-containing and antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria and stop plaque formation. You can also use supplemental fluoride after consulting the dentist to strength your teeth.

If tooth decay is a concern to you, start eating balanced and nutritious meals, and if possible, limit your daily snacks. And if you eat sticky foods a lot and can’t control the urge, it’s then better to care more your teeth, brush right after eating such items and rinse the mouth to prevent tooth decay. Some people even use dental sealants on the chewing surfaces of their back teeth to stop them from decay. Dentists also advise drinking of fluoridated water to prevent dangers of tooth decay and provide strength to your teeth. So, make your kids drink as much as they could to keep their teeth protected.

Above all, you must visit the dentist regularly, preferably twice a year for cleanings and oral exam as this can help you be aware of dental health and take measures in case of any dental problem. Your nearest dentist can even spot dental problems at early stages so that you could get their treatment and avoid inconvenience in future. If you could manage all this, your tooth would be protected from decay and natural damage. So, be careful about your dental health and take a right step toward enjoying a healthy life.

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