Tips to Consider When Passing a Drug Test in A Week

Tips to Consider When Passing a Drug Test in A Week

If you have a drug test that you must pass it is important to understand what you should and what should you avoid doing. If you are a weed user, passing a drug test is a challenging issue, but it is possible too. You must understand everything when it comes to drug tests and how weed acts in our bodies.

So before you check YouTube videos that will explain everything we’re talking here, you should understand what THC is. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the compound found in cannabis that gives us the feeling of high.

It is fat-soluble, which means that you can find it in fat cells within your body. There are numerous ways to trace its compounds from hair to saliva, blood, fingernails and urine samples, which is the most common.

We have mentioned that THC is responsible for the euphoric and psychoactive effect that marijuana has. It binds itself to other cannabinoid receptors that you have in your brain so that it will increase sensations such as food cravings, giddiness and many more.

The Process of THC Absorption

Everything starts with smoking, inhaling, or consuming marijuana, but smoking is the most popular way of consumption. As soon as you smoke it, the peak level will reach its maximum after ten minutes.

On the other hand, if you choose oral ingestion through infusions and edibles, it will reach its peak after half an hour based on your metabolism.

How Long Will It Stay in Your Body?

We cannot answer utterly accurate on how long it will stay in your body because it depends on various factors.

Generally speaking, the life of THC in your body is approximately seven days. Afterward, it will break down into THC metabolites and stay in your week between two and four weeks based on these factors:

  • The frequency of consumption - It depends on whether you smoke occasionally or frequently. For instance, if you are a heavy consumer, it means that you have more THC in your body and vice versa.
  • The potency of weed - Another factor that could interfere with the levels of cannabinoids in your body is how strong is the pot. Different types feature different levels of THC, so you have to know what you’ve smoked before you calculate how long it will remain in your body.
  • Your health and lifestyle - It also depends on diet, metabolism, and levels of physical activity, because if you have lots of body fat, the chances are high that you have exceptional levels of cannabinoids especially when compared with people with less percentage of body fat.

To learn more information on cannabis and its use throughout the history, you should click here.

The Most Common Drug Testing Methods

  • Urine Test - This is the most common drug test because it is the least invasive and the cheapest. At the same time, cannabinoids and metabolites will remain in your urine for at least four weeks. Therefore, we can easily say that in the working places, you will get this particular test. If you are a one-time user, it will remain in your urine between five and eight days based on your metabolism. On the other hand, it can stay up to 90 days for daily users, so you must conduct a fast detox as soon as you get information on the next test.
  • Hair Follicle Test - It is the most expensive test when compared with others but also the most effective, especially for detecting long-term users. You will need to take just an inch of hair from someone’s scalp, and it can distinguish cannabis use between seven and 90 days after the consumption.
  • Blood Test - This is the standard test too, but it is not so popular due to its invasive method of detection, and it can only detect users that smoked or consumed marijuana in the previous 24 hours. On the other hand, if you are a chronic user, you can have positive results in the next seven days after the consumption. But due to timeframe, it is not a common choice for pre-employment purposes, but it is common after car accidents to determine whether the driver was driving intoxicated.
  • Saliva Test - This is another conventional method that employers prefer, mainly because it is simple to use it. They will have to take a sample of your saliva by swabbing your mouth, and it is both inexpensive and convenient for administrators to perform. Cannabinoids will remain in saliva the shortest, within 24 hours after weed use.


The best way to pass a drug test is to be completely cannabis free for at least a few weeks with regular water consumption and exercise that will boost your metabolism and help you along the way.

There are different products available on the market that will help you along the way but have in mind that some of them work, and some of them are just fraud.

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