Tips on Using Images to Improve your Online Content

Tips on Using Images to Improve your Online Content

A person can have the best-written blog post, but without adding the main element to it can disengage your audience in between. Adding images can help your blog increase engagement, maximize conversions, and reach a wider audience. It has proved that content-rich in visual elements, consisting of images, gets more likes and shares online. People get drawn towards visually appealing content. But along with boosting your website's online performance with the help of images, there should be proper usage of models to attract and keep the audience engaged in your blog post.

Why do you ask there is a need for images in your content marketing?

You will be able to get the most from your images. Studies show articles containing relevant images have 92% more views than articles without images on average. Adding images can give your content personality. It will help strengthen your brand's voice to your followers. There is less usage of well-optimized images which are highly effective. Below are some tips provided for optimizing your content marketing images, so your website gets more engagement and better results. When you are picking a copy for your content, try to keep these factors in mind:

  1. When applying an image to your content, keep in mind that it conveys the right message to your audience. It will help in better leads and higher engagement.

  2. Models that include your brand's name or logo on your website have a better chance to enhance your company. For example: If you work for a fitness company, your images should convey strength and motion to the viewers.

  3. Try to add vibrant and crisp looking images to your blog post. Usage of bright, colourful photos has proven to increase sales by 80%.

  4. Photos aren't the only type of visual you can use in your content. It is better to diversify your images. Try an assortment of infographics, GIFs, Videos, or Memes for better engagement. If for example, you are using infographics, there can be less usage of the text which can give the readers a different experience, providing a visual interpretation of your data instead.

  5. Try to use several images in one article. For example- if you are writing a blog for more than 500 words, there should be minimum usage of at least two images. It will help break the monotony of your article and will keep the readers engaged as they scroll down the content

  6. Any image you put in your essay should be of good quality and taken down from a paid or a free stock photo site. The images used should be professional looking, not blurry, and which goes with your layout.

  7. Find ways to be creative when you do your research to find the appropriate images. Don't be too literal with the theme that is revolving around your content.

  8. Try to keep the pictures exciting and bold because images are the first thing people see when they come through your blog post.

  9. It is advisable to align your photos on the right side or the left side of your website's page. It will adhere to the tradition of reading from left to right and captures the eyes of the reader to understand the most relevant parts of your article. If you wish to fill the entire width of your essay with an image, it should be placed generally in the header space or while concluding your essay.

  10. One of the most important things to keep in mind while using images to improve your online content is to optimize them. They will help your article recognized by search engines like Google. Keep in mind to add the keywords for the search engines, so they can evaluate the image's content.

Once you have done finding the appropriate images for your content, however, it is essential to research a little before you apply the model. Focus that none of your competitors is using the same image. There is a reasonable probability that your competitors would have used the same image if taken down from a stock image site. Your images should speak about your brand differently showing the viewers that you are unique. Use pictures under your brand's logo. Branding is essential and research shows that colours will help the brands stand out from their competitors.

Where can you find these images?

A brand can either create their own or use stock images. Using your original or custom-made photos can be an advantage and set you apart from your competitors. In marketing ideas like when marketing your products, original photos are must because the purchasers want to see images of your products they are buying. But creating these images can be expensive and time-consuming. So companies tend to resort to a mix of original along with stock images. Many websites are offering free or low-cost photos for your online content. The best way to find the right website with models is that it speaks to your brand's aesthetics and is budget-friendly.

As images are an essential tool for improving your website's online content along with a user's experience; however, its effectiveness will only be determined by how well the brand will use it. Regardless of any image that you use, try to review each photo's usage right and include credits wherever there is a need. The tips provided above will act as an introduction for the usage of images which will further help to boost the brand's performance for their online content. If these tips are not of use to your brand, there are best social media marketing companies in Delhi that will be able to help you with the same.

SocioLabs is a company in Delhi that can help any small or a well-established company to select the right website for stock free images. They will be able to build brand awareness for your company and help generate sales and bring in new leads. Social media marketing companies help the brand attract a more significant section of the targeted audience and change leads into customers.

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