Tips and Tricks to Marketing WordPress Customer Portal

Tips and Tricks to Marketing WordPress Customer Portal

WordPress is one of the most trending and popular content management systems (CMS) and is a platform used by more many websites. If statistics are to be believed, more than half of the population on the internet depends on WordPress. If you are giving a thought to open your website, you are more than likely to fall into the following categories:

1. You wish to run a website but are clueless about the platform used to build it.
2. You already have an inactive website and do not understand as to what needs to be done with it.

In both the scenarios given above, WordPress customer portal would be the best platform to serve your needs.

Constant Follow-ups

You work does not end with your customers signing in with his account. You cannot forget their existence just like that, can you? To retain the customers, you will have to put in efforts and start a conversation with them. Once they start using the portal, you should check whether they have any service queries or issues related to the portal, also if they are able to easily access their portal and need any other guidance, etc. This will help your customers to approach in case of other grievances in the future.

Educate your Customers Well

You need to be sure that your customers are well aware of the know-how on the customer portal. Involve the customers and teach them on how to upload a file on the portal, add the task or replying to an event – this is essential as the customers could be novice to the idea of a customer portal and need it anyway.

Provide Free Trials

An organization can attain good sales if they provide a free trial to every customer before he goes in for a final purchase. How can you ever pitch a product before the customer has tried it to become familiar with the product? Hence, it becomes crucial to provide a superior trial to every customer so that they get well acquainted with the same.

Provide Various Support Options

Even though you are constantly following up with your customers, you should never leave it at that. You should make sure that you leave no stone unturned for a happy customer experience. You can check on your customers by providing them video tutorials, demos for assistance. You can also email and call them to if they are doing fine with the new software.

Monitor and Evaluate

After making the customers aware of how the portal works, you need to keep a track of how many customers are using your portal and what is the success rate.

Survey and Feedback

After the on-boarding is done and once the customers are well versed with the customer portal, you need to spare some time and report a feedback for the same. The feedback can include what the customers liked as well as disliked about the portal. This will enable you to better your portal in all aspects.


WordPress is as dynamic as the world wide web is. There can’t be a better combination of a blogging platform and CMS together. I have highlighted the above points on how effective the customer portal is with WordPress. The above points can also help in attaining potential customers in future.

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