Time-Lapse Photography with Construction Cameras

Time-Lapse Photography with Construction Cameras

Many people still don’t know about construction cameras that are designed specifically for time-lapse photography.

What is time-lapse photography?

For those of you who don’t know, time-lapsing is the technique wherein you capture film frames at a frequency that’s more spread out than the frequency used for regular sequence viewing. When you play those frames at a normal speed, time appears to be moving faster – or in other words, appears to be LAPSING.

Construction cameras are for sure, an interesting way to lock that lapse effect for both amateur and professional photographers.

Why use construction cameras over DSLR for time-lapsing?

Many photographers and companies still resort to the traditional method wherein they mount a DSLR camera to capture construction photos only to spend hours combining the photos to achieve that ‘time-lapse’ effect.

With construction cameras, you get a promise for things like -

  • Swivel mounting that encourages ‘set it and forget it’ approach

  • Super-high 4K quality time-lapse

  • No need to spend hours putting together the frames. One-click button lets you view the lapsing-effects.

  • Freedom to monitor remotely via cloud upload

  • Resilient and sturdy camera make for withstanding a harsh construction environment

  • Runs on solar energy with backup for cloudy and rainy days

  • Motion detector turns the camera on upon detecting movement

Why waste time and energy with a regular camera when construction cameras can put all that and more on autopilot for you?

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