Threading Or Laser- Which Method Is Better For Facial Hair Removal?

Threading Or Laser- Which Method Is Better For Facial Hair Removal?

For the past many years, we are relying on Threading to remove the unwanted facial hair safely, but now many more methods are in existence. Thus, you have a wide range of option to get rid of unwanted facial hair. One of such hair removal techniques is laser hair removal. It is an innovative, safe and effective method, and is in fact, preferred over Threading by many people.

Are you still confused which method is more effective for you- Threading or Laser? To find the answer to this question, it is required that you have in-depth knowledge of both procedures.


When compared to Waxing and Shaving, Threading is considered to be less painful and better to remove unwanted hair from the face. This method is for removing the facial hair, including that from the eyebrows, upper lip and chin and not for the body hair removal. This method is easy and can be practiced individually at home.

During this treatment, a thread practitioner will loop a very thin cotton thread between both hands and place it on the skin’s surface such that the unwanted hair come in between. Then the thread is twisted tightly and manipulates to-and-fro so as to pull the undesirable hair out at the root. This procedure is a little painful and can cause irritation, redness and other side effects in some cases.

The best advantage of this hair removal method is low cost, painless reputation, low risk, and the speed & convenience of the procedure. The only major drawback of this method is that threading is not meant for body hair removal and it is quite tough to find a perfect thread practitioner to get desirable look!

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is among the most advanced methods used to get an escape from unwanted hair and the best part is that it is the best method for almost every body part.

During a laser hair reduction procedure, the dermatologist chooses the laser light as per your skin and hair type and penetrates it through the targeted area. The light transforms into heat energy, removes the unwanted hair and disables the further hair growth. Depending on the patient’s existing condition and expectations, several numbers of sessions are provided to the patients. It’s not the method of permanent hair removal, but is a type of permanent hair reduction technique. The results obtained last for 6 months to 2 years.

The biggest advantage of this hair reduction treatment is that the results are long-lasting and the procedure is cost-effective when compared with regular hair elimination techniques. And yes, both men and women can take advantage of this method for their every facial hair related issues. Men can get rid of daily shaving and razor cuts by Laser method, and can go shirtless by reducing the chest hair. On the other hand, the women can enjoy sleeveless tops, bikinis, etc. without feeling discomfort.

Which Method is Better?

To find which hair elimination method is apt for you, you can rely on different factors like Area of treatment, Type of hair you have, Your skin type, expected results, the cost associated etc.

  • Cost: No doubt, the cost of a single threading session is lesser than that of a laser hair removal treatment. But, if you see on a long run, the cost of the laser hair reduction method is more affordable than the cost of threading. Moreover, laser treatment is less time consuming than the threading, if you observe on the long run.
  • Extent of the Result: If you want long-lasting results, then the laser method is a better option than threading. The Laser technique not just remove the unwanted hair, but also disables their further growth. Thus, you get a durable escape from the unwanted hair and method to eradicate them. In fact, some people experience lifetime results.
  • Area to be Treated: For people who have the desire of a fast eyebrow shaping treatment, threading is a satisfying procedure. Whereas, the laser is the right choice for those who wish to get all the unwanted facial hair and body hair eliminated.
  • Type of Skin and Hair: A Laser treatment requires specific lasers to be used, as per your skin and hair type. It works best on contrasting combination, i.e, dark skin with lighter hair or lighter skin with darker hair. If you have incredibly fair hair, facial hair threading is more convenient method.
  • Precision: It is quite tough to find a skilled threading practitioner who could give you the expected result, since they may or may not be trained properly. But, there is no as such problem in case of Laser hair reduction since the dermatologists are well-qualified, well-trained and experienced with laser techniques and equipment.

If you still have any doubt, a visit to a well-experienced dermatologist regarding facial hair removal is a nice trick!!

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