This week top stories about why digital media is killing TV advertising

This week top stories about why digital media is killing TV advertising

Digital media has taken over the world of marketing. More and more businesses are opting for digital marketing over traditional marketing like TV advertising. The drastic rise in the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and other digital media platforms like blogs has led to this change.

Small businesses, as well as established firms, are using digital media ads to promote their business and achieve success in today’s digital world. Digital media ads reach out to a wider audience and are easily accessible and free of interruptions, unlike traditional TV ads. Additionally, there are many other reasons why digital media is killing the trend of TV advertising.

The debate on digital media vs TV advertising has divided the marketing world. While a lot of experts prefer digital media over traditional marketing, there are still many who believe that the trend of TV advertising will never fade away. Here is everything you need to know about this week’s top story about why digital media ads are more preferred than TV ads.

Traditional TV Advertising

Advertising on TV is a traditional marketing method that has been around for decades. Since the late 1930s, television ads have ruled the world of marketing and helped businesses all around the globe succeed despite the rising competition.

Digital Marketing

The promotion of products and services done through digital media is referred to as digital marketing. There are numerous platforms like social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) and blogs through which businesses reach out to the target audience and promote their brand.

TV Advertising vs Digital Marketing

There are numerous ways in which TV advertising is different from digital media advertising. Not just the platforms used but also the planning and implementation of these ads are extremely different from each other. Here are the top 5 advantages of digital media over TV advertising that have led to a significant increase in the popularity of digital media ads in today’s time.

Top 5 Advantages of Digital Media Over TV Advertising

Higher Engagement

Unlike traditional marketing methods like TV advertising, digital marketing offers higher engagement that further leads to a significant improvement in brand loyalty. While organizations of different sizes can benefit from higher engagement, small businesses tend to benefit more from this strategy. With digital marketing campaigns, small businesses can engage more customers and help convey the true message of their brand. This is essential for building brand loyalty among customers as it helps businesses gain a competitive edge and outrank competitors.


There is no denying the fact that TV advertising cost is way higher than the cost of digital media advertising. In order to make TV commercials, plenty of resources and investment is required. The production cost of shooting TV commercials has increased over the last few decades. Also, the entire process of bringing a TV ad to life takes more time. On the other hand, ad on digital media is cost-effective and can be created within a short span of time. A majority of firms give more weight to digital media ads over TV commercials due to the fact that the former types are more economical and quicker.

Brand Awareness

In today’s time, it has become essential for firms to promote their business on different platforms to build brand awareness among the target audience. The TV continues to be an effective medium to reach out to people. However, in the recent surveys, it has found that businesses that use digital media for promoting their products and services are able to increase their brand’s visibility and generate more awareness than businesses that only promote through TV advertising. By advertising on digital media platforms like social media channels, businesses have better shot at reaching out to a wider audience and attracting potential customers. By doing so, firms can increase their sales and also achieve business goals.

Access to Analytic Tools

Firms that opt for digital marketing get access to a host of analytical tools that help them design successful campaigns and understand customer behavior and pattern in a better way. Tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights helps businesses analyze the performance rate of their different campaigns and come up with better strategies. It also helps them gain an understanding of what works and what does not in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. With the availability of data, firms can bring the necessary changes to their projects and improve their outreach. Meanwhile, firms who only promote on TV struggle to attain audience-specific data to be able to make the required changes in their approach and plan.

Key Takeaways

Despite the many pros of digital media, the traditional form of marketing is not nearing extinction. That is because TV viewership is still on a rise all over the world. Also, the age factor plays a crucial role in making TV advertising a great way to promote business. A lot of middle-age people still spend most of their time watching television than on the internet.

Though it is true that digital media is killing TV advertising, experts in the field are urging businesses to adopt a blended strategy that involves both digital marketing and TV advertising. By using a blended strategy, organizations can reach out to more people, everyone from senior citizens to young adults. Combining these two marketing strategies will help businesses become more popular and get a better return on their investment.

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