Things You Must Know As A Startup Business: 5 Workplace Facilities You Must Provide for Your Employees’ Best Welfare

Things You Must Know As A Startup Business:  5 Workplace Facilities You Must Provide for Your Employees’ Best Welfare

As the boss, you have a choice whether to stay in the office for a long time or not. Your time is yours, however, for your employees, that is not the case. They need to comply with your company’s rules, finish tasks in the office and fulfill the necessitated work hours.

As school is the second home to students, the workplace is the same for employees. If it’s “home”, it must be a place where they wouldn’t mind staying for hours, where they can concentrate, where they can be comfortable and basically, where they can live. The workplace must promote welfare and wellness of everyone, most especially your employees. Employees’ welfare is an important factor not only for the progress of your business but also for the development of your people. If you find it hard to stay in your office for quite a long time because of its inefficiencies, then think about your employees who spend the whole day there.

If you think that an airconditioning unit is all it takes, rethink, and think more reasonably. Your employees are working and not just killing the time. They have needs just like you, human. Check out this list, and take a look if you have these essential welfare facilities in the workplace! This will also be of great help if you’re just about to start your company!

1 - Drinking Water and Water Dispenser

Drinking water is like hope; it keeps you going. That’s not said just to drop some cool quote here. People really need water, here specifically, employees do. Your employees need to get hydrated now and then because aside from the fact that it’s a basic necessity, they get drained -- figuratively and yes, literally.

Drinking water in a dispenser INSIDE the workplace is so convenient since your employees (also you) need not to go out only to buy a bottle of water. They don’t need to bring bottled water straight from home too. Although it’s also helpful to do so, carrying one makes the bag heavy and causes you to worry of leakage. If you there’s an office water dispenser, they can just bring an empty tumbler with them to work. Water dispensers also give an option between cold or hot water, and instantly, you get what you want. Your sleepy employees can make their coffees too. Also, employees who might had a long walk or a fast morning run to the office can recharge from there.

It must be placed in a space accessible for all which isn’t distracting too whenever they’d come to get water. Having a drinking water dispenser is practical and time-saving as well since they won’t have to buy bottled water outside from time to time.

2 - Eating Area

Set an area where tables and chairs are for employees to eat. Make it a proper dining area. . An eating area inside the office will be their go-to place whenever fast food restaurants are crowded or when they want to be alone. You can also conduct an informal meeting with them while eating lunch. It’d be a good spot also where your employees can bond while still inside the workplace.

3 - Microwave Oven

Eating in fast food restaurants is fun and convenient, but it’s sickening if it’s done oftentimes and most especially everyday. Aside from it’s wallet wrecking, it’s health harming.

Some employees don’t like bringing food from home because it turns cold and soggy as it reaches lunch break. It might be your favorite, but it’s not the same when it’s mushy already. Other just settles for fast food again having no choice. Let your employees save money and time and their health by putting a functioning microwave oven in the office.

4 - Hygiene Area and Materials

It is important that wash areas and comfort rooms aren’t out or far of the workplace. There must be enough toilets with locks -- better if female and male are separated. It’d be wise if they’re easily accessible for pregnants and disabled people. Don’t forget important facilities like sink, mirror on the wall and an optional hand dryer. Important materials include hand soap, dishwashing soap, sponges and tissue paper. Consider putting hooks behind doors or on the walls so they can hang stuff like clothes whenever they change.

Trash bins with covers are needed also not just inside the comfort room, but also inside the office itself. Most importantly, make sure that there is adequate supply of clean water from faucets.

5 - Rest and Relax Area

While progress and time are significant, your employees don’t have to work straight during work hours unless a hundred percent needed. They also need to rest and to unwind even without going out of the office, especially during their break time. Some just need to close their eyes or to stretch their backs. Whenever employees want to relax, that doesn’t only mean pausing their work and putting their heads down their table. No. They also want to leave their work table even for a while.

Designate an area where employees can rest and relax. It could be a room or a corner separated from the general workplace with a divider, so they won’t get worried and conscious in their comfortable rest positions. There must be clean couches or bean bags! It’d be nice if the rest area’s ambiance is cozier than the workplace itself, so they’d really distinguish rest from work even when they’re inside one office.


You might have been surprised since the list seems to only note “basic facilities” or facilities which are “automatically present”. Well, maybe that’s for you, but not for others. Some overlook these needs or offer them but without functionality or efficiency. It’s important to get reminded of these once in a while because maybe you might be too focused on gaining profits while unintentionally (or not) neglecting “life”.

Success in your business shouldn’t be a one-way benefit alone -- favoring you and not your workers. It is important to highly prioritize your employees because without a doubt, they highly contribute to your business’ productivity and triumphs. A workplace with sufficient and efficient welfare facilities is best and will definitely boost work performance, productivity and quality while being in responsible comfort.

Don’t even demand for the best people for your company if you yourself don’t know what the word “best” means. Your employees’ best welfare must always be on your top priority list before you even start your business and before you even spread the news that you’re hiring. If you, the boss, deserves the best, your employees also do.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for HR Dept AUS, an Australian company providing HR support and services for any kind of business. Before the Communication field, Psychology is Nicole's long-time interest because people's behaviour intrigues and fascinates her a lot! As a writer and as a person, she wants to inspire and empower people in many ways possible. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts . “To God be the glory”

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