Things You Must Know About Flashing Police Lights and Strobe Light Options

Things You Must Know About Flashing Police Lights and Strobe Light Options

Flashing warning lights (also known as strobe lights) are a crucial instrument in alerting users of an emergency or otherwise dangerous situation. However, to maintain their effectiveness, it is essential for emergency lights (such as Flashing Police Lights) to be used only when necessary. Limiting their usage helps keep them in a position where people notice when the lights are on. Due to this, drivers need to understand just how these lights work and the proper way to use them.

What Are the Most Common Reasons to Use Flashing Lights?
The most common use for flashing lights are for flashing police lights and other emergency vehicles. However, there are some non-emergency settings where you can use strobe lights. For instance, tow trucks, construction vehicles, school buses, and security cars use flashing lights to show drivers they need to use caution. In some states, you can use strobe lights in recreational settings, for example placing them on vehicles while hunting. The two most common reasons people use strobe lights are to:

• Alert People of an Emergency Situation - One of the quickest and easiest ways to capture the attention of people approaching the scene is to use strobe lights. By turning on these flashing lights, you will be able to create an unignorable signal that something is out of the ordinary ahead. In most cases, these lighting applications are not in use by themselves; they are often used with directional signals, sirens, or both.

• To Block a Road - Sometimes roadblocks are not enough to alert road users of a barricade. By adding strobe lights, a barricade can better capture the attention of those who would miss it.

What Features Are Available for Vehicle Strobe Lights?
Like many car accessories, flashing lights can come with a variety of features; regrettably, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for every car. Flashing lights can include different:

• Brightness Settings,
• Colors,
• Flash Patterns
• Visibility Angles

Can Anyone Add Flashing Lights to Their Vehicle?
The legality of emergency lighting (including flashing lights, grill lights, and light bars) can be extremely confusing, especially since these lighting tools are available for purchase by anyone in the general public. However, like many other items for purchase, the ability to purchase it doesn’t mean it is legal to use. Due to the fact that the government currently has no way of regulating the sale of these lighting systems, it is not illegal to own the lights. Unfortunately, while it isn't a crime to purchase the item, depending on your state laws, it can be a crime to attach them to your vehicle. To figure out the best lighting selection for your vehicle, always make sure you understand the local laws for installation and what type of lighting is allowed for your vehicle.

When Is It Okay to Use Flashing Lights on Private Vehicles?
There are very few reasons you can use strobe lights on private vehicles, and even then, there are additional regulations you must follow. For instance, you can only use white lighting, as blue and red colors are for emergency vehicles only such as fire trucks, police, and ambulances. One example of private use is how strobe lights are used in both suburban and urban areas for private property patrols (ex. subdivision private security, mall security, and patrols of large recreational facilities like amusement parks or zoos). While there are a select few areas of use aside from maintenance and security, civilians must follow the rules determined by their specific state before installing and mounting these lighting systems to their vehicle.

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